Hi all...
I had earlier tried posting but moderators haven't been kind to me:(
So I will put my long story short..

I am self employed and work in Anandnagar near Suncity but stay in the city near Bajirao road.Everyday I have to cross the busy Sinhagad road in peak hours so we decided to migrate.I checked the Sun schemes and Orbit is ridiculously overpriced and so is Satellite.Their Orion which is near the old toll naka (minus good surroundings and small approach road) is also charging near 3k..so they seem out of question since i am looking for a 3 BHK.
I widened my area priority and went till warje where i found SRK Ovalnest which is a beautiful scheme and dream home for me.Psf 3500 is what they are quoting which ,even a bit high, seems okay with the specifications they give.

Now couple of days back i saw the DP for that area and can see a highway to kolhapur planned near to the building.The road goes through the NDA area which is the rear side of the project (a hill to be precise)

Does someone know of this highway?

PLease advise

Thanks & regards
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  • Do you mean the Vittalwadi-Warje road from near the river?
  • Hi realacres thanks for getting back.

    Actually its behind Aditya garden city and runs parallel to the Mum-Blr highway.It goes through Shivane area.I saw it in the DP for warje area.
    A friend said that the highway is highly improbable and there since 1987 in the plan (and it seems improbable since land acquisition will be lot of trouble)

    Any comments?
  • I think he means the road that goes via uttam nager, peacock bay and back side of NDA, but I am not quite sure how we will reach Kolhapur from there, or may be true.
  • Hi monds

    I dont think thats the one.

    Its clearly demarcated ="http://www.punecorporation.org/informpdf/dp23vill/dp23villageplan21102008/P_UNIT_3.pdf"]here
  • Highway

    Hi Abhicash,

    You are right that it's mentioned in PMC's proposed plan that there will be highway from 'Pirangut to Kolhapur' which will be going behind OvalNest.
    But, it's in Proposed Plan and that highway is going through NDA Road forest and hilly area. So, i doubt if it'll be approved

    But, since I have visited OvalNest site, I know that, there is small 'Tekadi' behind OvalNest. So, even if that highway will be there it will be behind that Tekadi. That highway will take almost 10 yrs for sure.