:)Dear all,
I have taken a Villa at Nyati Victoria in Kondhwa, I am an NRI and want to settle there. I am going to finalize the electrical and other amendments to the Villa.
Requesting all you pune-ites to help with information to make my life staying there comfortable. especially with regards to Markets, bakerys, grocery shopping etc.
Appreciate your honest assistance and adivce
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  • May be you can after 2-3 years, you will get all these nearby!!
  • Kondhwa

    Some tips that I can share:
    Please make sure that your electricals are properly done and especially properly earthed. If you have installed a sensitive LCB/MCB, it will keep tripping, especially with bad electricals, although it will keep you safe from getting electrocuted. Again, fancy plumbing like Jaguar is actually difficult to repair/maintain, so go for other brands if you can. A decent inverter is a must, and .75kva should be your minimum.

    Groceries - Dorabjee. Not sure how much your culinary tastes are still Indian, but you can rely on Dorabjee's for most international items not commonly available in kirana stores - good cheeses, meats, sauces, fancy veggies, pastas/couscous, herbs etc. Green Tokri is a good option for fresh herbs too.

    Kondhwa is fairly close to MG Road/Camp, so you should probably look at restaurants and shops in that area. Koregaon Park/Bund Garden etc would be much further away. Plenty of shopping arcades and malls in MG Road such as Kakade (opposite Dorabjee's), Nucleus etc. Do check out Clover Center (again, adjacent to Dorabjee's). It is a super-useful shopping center, especially if you are looking for tailors, knick-knacks, etc. Snacks - Budhani on MG. Restaurants - most of the good ones are in and around Koregaon Park and Boat Club road. The half decent ones near MG Road are Mahesh Lunch Home, Blue Nile, etc.

    Email me at asliarun AT gmail.com if you want specific details and I will be happy to give you any info that I know of.
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    Could you also update on the water situation? Is it Municipal?