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Last updated: November 18 2009
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    Visited the Ekta builders stall at the property exhibition to enquire about Ekta Worldville project in Hinjewadi. The salesman there sheepishly told us that the project is cancelled now. On asking for the reasons he said there were some problems On asking whether the problems were due to no bookings, he declined to comment furthur The project was launched around 4200 psqft If im not wrong, in an area where basic infrastructure is yet to reach.
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    Re : Ekta Worldville

    Tough times

    My goodness !!! This was being sold as if they (the builder and the team) have descended from the heaven to bless this place called Hinjewadi where even rudimentary stuff was not available and they were trying to sell high end apartments. The whole thing was built on just one thing... Promises... and it turned out that they were all false... Looks like there is still some sense prevailing among the buyer community. The studio apartments were priced at 26-27 lakhs and a 3 BHK (1900 Sqft) was about 85 lakhs. I was amazed at the sheer audacity of the sales team when they started showing me a booklet where they had all the details of the bookings and were forcing me to take a decision within 48 hours otherwise be ready to face disappointment. Thankfully, I chose to get disappointed :-). and decided against it... Actually, it was a no brainer... They had a fantastic sample apartment - as if the apsaras form heaven are going to descend to earth and will stay in that apartment. I actually felt a little too small when I was in that apartment - especially the master bedroom with glass walls and all.

    I had very basic question at that time and the sales team (most of them seemed to be freshers, brainwashed to brainwash their clients) was just not willing to listen anything negative about the project and the surroundings. A clear sign of the fraudulent tactics used by the builder community - showing the book with actual names of the owners who booked the flats... Too bad... I hope their other project in NIBM area (California - whats in a name ) is on schedule...

    For everyone's information ... Ekta and Supreme builders worked as partners in Mumbai. not sure why they broke that partnership in Pune. But they seem to have decent name in the market - with Supreme having built Supreme Palms - one of the only projects which is praised by the members here. But with this cancellation of Ekta Worldville, I am sure there would be significant damage done to the reputaion of Ekta builders. I hope it doesn't rub off to Supreme...
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