Hello All,
I have booked the flat in Aeropolis by Krishna developers in Dhanori, Pune.
To track the development of project and to share the information about the project. I am starting this thread.
Those who have also booked the flat in Aeropolis by Krishna developer, please join in.

Thanks and Regards
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  • what are the rates psf ?
  • Please share your review for other people interested in this project
  • More info on Krishna developer aeropolis, dhanori

    Current rate is Rs. 4000-4200 psf.
    The project is good and big. Its near to Pride Ashiyana.
    Due to NOC from airforce, project has been delayed, however all other projects in dhanori are already delayed because of same reason.

    Current development.
    Show flat is almost ready.
    Work started for basement.
  • "The project is good and big. Its near to Pride Ashiyana."
    Can you elaborate on Good factors?
    What is the latest state of Porwal road?Has the tarring of road begun and lighting work begun?
    When is the NOC likely to come?
  • Details of project

    Good points:-
    1. I have personally like the layout.(C shaped building structure for phase I), Everyone will get garden view.
    2. Builder is claiming, he will provide best interior items.( 4x4 tiles, toughened glass to balcony etc. "show flat is ready" you can visit and check for the same)

    Bad points:-
    1. First big project from this builder along partnership with "Nirman buildcon"(Silver mist builder" and "Hans Builder" :(
    2. Getting delayed due to NOC.

    Current updates:
    1. Booking of flat is now stopped, but builder is saying it will get started from next week for Rs. 4200 psf.
    2. Builder said that, he got NOC for 37m height and he is all ok to go for 11 storey building.
    3. He has started the work.
    4. Tarring of porwal road is stalled, builder is saying, it will get resumed after rainy season.
  • "Booking of flat is now stopped, but builder is saying it will get started from next week for Rs. 4200 psf."
    Rate is too high comparing development in the area-No proper road,no drainage yet and no street lights.
    "Builder said that, he got NOC for 37m height and he is all ok to go for 11 storey building"
    Park Springs and Revell orchid building nearby are having problems about 11th floor,Check NOC yourself.
    Builder is claiming, he will provide best interior items.( 4x4 tiles, toughened glass to balcony etc. "show flat is ready" you can visit and check for the same)
    Potential buyers need to be wary of sales gimmicks and not become a gullible victim of a highly provocative marketing.

    For example...

    1. The walls of the sample flat are kept thinner than the actual structure to be finally built. The ceiling too is kept at more height, than what the drawings mention. This is done to create an illusion of much larger rooms and a more spacious flat than what the final dimensions would be. Surely, no one would measure the sample flat (especially the height) and compare with the drawings of the proposed structure.

    2. And, of course, the use of high-quality paint, tiles and furniture & fittings, installed in the sample flat gives the impression of a high-end property. Actual material and fittings used would normally be of relatively inferior quality. So don't get fooled by the stunning decor of a sample flat.
    What i essentially am trying to convey is due care is to be taken in purchase of flats.Under construction flats are pretty risky affiars at any time and now with economy crashing,the uncertainty increases.
    Anyway all the best since you have taken the plunge.
  • i hv also booked 2bhk in aeropolis

    we hd booked a 2bhk here last year in nov..uptil now the work is not going on in full pace..
    i think in addition to airforce noc..the builder does not hv environmental clearance also..
    they r not launching the project..
    everytym dey say we will get in 10-15 days..they r liars..
    we r fed up..property rates nearby hv also gone up..
    hv u visted the site recently?
  • You can get flat for 4200 psqf from small builders along Spine Road, PCMC. Better check it out.
  • With recent call with builder, he told me that he will launch the project soon.
    lets hope for the best.
  • If all buyers wait till sanctions come,then builders will see light of the day.
  • Agreement procedure started.

    New update:- Got a call from builder for starting agreement procedure.
    according to him, he got clearance and he already done the 5-6 agreement.
    He is ready to show all the document if anybody interested. will go in next weekend to check the documents.
  • pls inform me when is launching..

    ok you got a call frm mr.nikhil goel kya? that dey will b launching the project..
    lets hope dey launch..uptil now not a single advt/hoarding of aeropolis is der in any area..not even dey have der website..
    last month he ws forcing us to enter into an agreement..bt we said no let the work start in full pace..n wen he gets all clearances..we will
    the n.a.order which dey hv clearly states that if dey do not get airforce noc and ec frm auth..den the n.a.order stands cancelled. pls check..
    giv ur email id sir..
    pls inform if u got to know anything new..
  • hehheee..really
    for us also he did the same thing..
    called us said all clearances are der..u cn check it.
    will tell u what he will show
    1. n.a.order
    2. sanctioned plan
    thats it. If we ask for noc or ec he says it is under process, will be getting in 10-15 days..his patent answer.
    n if we ask for other doc like title deed, commencement certificate, ulc,etc..he says why u wnt to see them..everything is clear..banks see those..
    if we insist a lot..he says after agreement we will provide u wid a cd..which hs all doc..bt why is he reluctant to giv it now??
    once we enter into agreement..our more money will b blocked uptil wen god knows..
    if anything goes wrong..dey recovery is problem..our reg n stamp duty is gone..
    pls dnt think frm builders point of view..our hard earned money we r investing..
  • Yes i got a call from the Nikhil goel.. i will check all the document before go for agreement.
    I have already asked him, why you havent add any hordings and launched any website yet.
    He is giving same answer again and again.. will be doing in next week. :(..
    Cant share my mail id in this forum. :(. IREF dont allow it.
  • Thumb rule says - whenever you feel fishy, stay away from the deal...

    Say, the promoter is unable to collect 30% bookings as per his rate, he may be thinking to wind up the whole project.

    Be careful with your money.

    Instead look for a RTM or secondhand flat in nearby areas.