I am looking for ready possession Row houses in Baner area
budget upto 60-70 L
I did not see any row houses thread yet, open for ideas
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  • Check these in balewadi area

    Here are 2 from balwadi -
    1. Check Nisargvihar by sanjivani developers. They have one left to sell. 2 mths before they quoted me price of 75 lakhs, but when i negotiated, came to 65 lakhs. Note that construction is good however actual plot size on which row house is constructed is less. However I will suggest you to check/visit the place.

    2. Rachana durvankur. Here 2 adjacnet row houses are in cascaded mode. I mean one row house has basemnt and 2 floor and terrace(4th floor access) and the other has 1st floor and 3rd floor with individual little space. You should check more details on their site.
  • No Good Row House

    I was also looking earlier but was not able to find any good row houses in baner. There are few but not like colony and very small with 3-4 row houses together. if u find , then let me also know but I know for sure there is none.