Need information about Florencia project by Vishwa vinayak developers and Shubham groups. Any idea when the construction will start.
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  • Can someone tell me the current rate of Dynasty phase-2 wakad.
  • Originally Posted by kunalkk
    Can someone tell me the current rate of Dynasty phase-2 wakad.

    Does this thread talk about Dynasty ?

    Why are you messing around here??

    Please search for the relevant thread and get clarifications
  • My Apology.

    Since both the project are in same vicinity. I thought person visiting Florencia might have enquired about Dynasty too. That's why i posted my question here.
  • Originally Posted by kingmanish
    Hi All,

    I Visited the Florencia Wakad Project this weekend.

    The rate quoted is 4700 psft.

    They are sayinig that they don't allow bank loan from SBI?? WTF ???:bab (45)::bab (45):

    How can the builder decide which bank loan should I take??

    I smell something fishy here......also the plan for the 12 floor is till not approved.. .. Lots of avaiability is there on each floor.

    Many months ago, I read this notice which some how I got still availalbe on following link
    Florencia Wakad Pune Legal Issue | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    This may help. I don't know the current status. My friend's relatives has booked the flat in this scheme around 3 years back for 3000 Rs per square feet.
  • Has any owner in florencia got answer about the Legal issue going on ?? Is this issue solved ?
    Reply will be helpful to ask builder again and check loyalty..

  • Florencia Wakad top floor approvals...

    Hello all, please if someone can help me with information on Florencia in Wakad... Has top two floors in C wing got approvals...?? I have still not got CC... What about others if others have got CC..?? Kindly help me it's urgent...