1) I am seller
2) We had only done mou and 1.5 L as token I deposited
3) Saleed deed and conveyence deed not done yet
4) buyer is BM in bank of maharashtra ,still he sms'ed me w.o sales deed loan cant get sanctioned
5) his attitude was worst while talking,still I was ready to do sales deed ,pay for it ,but builder give some proper legal reason to his lawyer
mou says 2 months ,deal should be completed,1 month already done
should I keep token with me?
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  • Yes. Don't worry, you may refund a part of the token, but don't get bullied by the purchasor. We had an exact opposite case sometime ago where a buyer defaulted, blocked cheques etc and the seller was on her nerves to get token. In your case you already have token.

    Technically token is a holding amount, if the deal doesn't goes through, token gets lost. In your case, if the problem is because of your error end, then you may discuss the cancellation term, but if there is no problem other than mood change of the buyer, take a strong stand. All matters should be solved in a way such that no one party can bully other. Don't get bullied by the buyer.
  • basically flat in pune,will selling flat without saled deed and deep of apartment will do any litigation on me?
  • Boss there is too much fishy info in your post. Sorry no answer from me here on.
  • np
    can u tell which info is fishy?