I happened to visit 33-Keshavkunj in keshav nagar, mundhwa pune.
builder name is - crystalproperties pune (couldn't find much info on this builder)

the interior, exterior, construction progress is good
layout plan is ok...3 sided open
the internal fittings, design of living, kitchen, bedrooms appeared to be very good.

location: not good, the approach is via keshav nagar basti and i dont think basti will vanishever in future, though there is a prospect of 18m wide road connecting amonora and kharadi which is a "kachcha" road as of now
Orbis school is next to this project,

building A & B possession dec 2014 and just 1 flat available
i have attached sq area details.

all gentle people in this forum, please advise your opinion on following items:
1. builder history
2. loading details (i know nothing about calculations on loading etc)
3. few comments on future prospects of the area

2bhk in 58lacs all inclusive
my purpose is purely residential.
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  • thanks a lot Anant for the information, reasonable good psf rate
  • Originally Posted by anantkatkar
    Infra charges 4lacs , then as usual govt charges that is stamp duty of 5 percent which is 288175, registration 30k,vat 1 percent 57635, service tax 3.09 percent which is 178092.infra charges coveres parking. And legal charges of 10k

    hi.... any idea what is the rate for konark krish and is it ready or under const??
  • Konark Krish is quoting at 5200 I believe they don't negotiate .... So 2 bhk will cost u approx 80 plus if u want detailed cost sheet I can email u
  • Hi Anant,
    The front road is quite narrow.. Not sure how much time it will take to get widened.. any idea??
    & did you enquire about the water situation ? Does it has borewell or relies only on gram panchayat's water. Does it has solar geysors connections (brochure doesnt has it whereas the website has)?
  • Hi Saurav abt the road widening he said they wil do it ... But not sure when .... But once I believe there will be more project automatically they have to widen .... About water ... I think there is not much problem ... They r gonna have the bore well ....and yes in the agreement he has mentioned about he solar water which I have
  • Hey Anant, i went in Keshav N area and had a look at few projects Keshav Kunj, Atlantica E, Eastern R.
    Projects are good, only concern for me is the narrow roads. :) All the sales persons there claim their project is the best, mainly by highlighting the demerits of nearby projects.
    Reg Atlantica east, am sure you would have checked if enough natural light would be available. It looked a lil dark even at 3pm.
    Since the Atlantica East project buildings, are not exactly on road, do u think some tall building might come infront of it esp infront of building B where there is vacant plot? Here too the sales person boasts a lot about the project & construction quality. By any chance did you checkout other projects by this builder? & Do you mind sharing in which building u booked A or B? & which floor. Based on ur inputs i ll revisit & keep you posted. Thanks
  • Hi Pune 0007 ... I personally didn't go the area ... My dad had gone there... But I did get all quatations ... Price checked ... I found atlantica quiet reasonable .... About the narrow road .. He said it wil widen .... I booked n building B 101...but one of friend who stays n Wakad happen to see their one of the project star wood ... Found it good ..this project being premium I hope he will make it good .... About the building comming infornt if B ... Hmm can't say Much on that .. But my dad will be visiting this weekned will ask the sales guy abt the query u mentioned .. And keep posted
  • Hey anybody has booked in atlantica east please do update here can form a community
  • latest news about keshavnagar is that the villagers (gram panchayat) have opposed the move of the merger with PMC. they have moved high court against the merger. not sure how fast things will develop here...
  • Yeh heard the news well but I think it's being going on for quiet sone years but pressure to include will surely build up ....
  • I have booked 3 BHK in building A.Found this project good with all the amenities and got a good deal as compare to other projects in this area.Specially Phadnis and Konark are insane
    Hopefully roads will improve soon.

  • Hi Tushar can u ping me ur number ... I have booked in building b , first floor .... Mine number is + 65 90265644... Ping me ur number here or add me in wassup
  • Guys stay away from mundhwa keshav nagar ...specially villagers have a strong political support. ..thats the reason...there is no news or work on approach road...from mundhwa....
  • Originally Posted by suhasn
    latest news about keshavnagar is that the villagers (gram panchayat) have opposed the move of the merger with PMC. they have moved high court against the merger. not sure how fast things will develop here...

    Great !!

    check out this news from 2010
    Keshavnagar residents demand merger with PMC - DNA - English News & Features - City-Pune - dnasyndication.com<
  • See these news are being going since long ... Wagoli keshvnagar rest few village will come for sure mite take 1 or 2 yrs but as long as the rate are going up and ur geting rental for the same ... It's good investment .... Now the rate are at 5400 .... 2 yrs back it was 3200 ... So rate appreciation is there ... Proximity to IT park is there so rental won't be a problem ... So can take a bit risk i think