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The Scam called “Sample Flat” – Learn how builders trap property buyers

One of the biggest traps for real estate buyers are “Sample Flats”. When you visit properties sites to inquire about any under construction properties or ready for possession flats, the builder or the sales person there shows you a “Sample Flat”. The moment you look at a sample flat, something happens to you. The sample flat is so beautiful and mesmerizing that, you feel like you are in love again, some kind of beautiful music starts playing in your head and for a moment, you visualize the future with your family living within that same sample flat and how you and your loved one’s are enjoying the ambiance and premiumness the sample flat offers.
You are delighted !
But – This is trap, set by Builder.............................
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  • Vaibhav123,
    To save headache, I give 11 PDC to landlord. Simple.

    This issue came up because it was one of the reason why some think renting is not good despite making much better financial sense.

    Eg. A 2BR in Nanded City is for rent for 6800/month. So why buy ??