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Anmol Residency Wakad


Anmol Residency Wakad

Last updated: March 10 2014
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  • Anmol Residency Wakad


    I am thinking of buying a flat in Amol Residency in Wakad.Need help in few queries which I have.

    Is drinking water an issue ? Is it available to specific time or 24 hrs ?
    Are water tankers ordered in summer ?

    Or there is no water related issue and it was and old issue ?

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    Re : Anmol Residency Wakad

    water tankers are required all over waked.. including anmol. drinking water from pcmc is supplied only at specific timings, but society stores it in overhead tanks. it is up to society members check water usage so that it is sufficient for all.

    Good luck in finding a society in waked that has no water problems. do post if you find one.

    btw, water availability is probably the last one on my list to buy a house ... just research up the increase in catchment areas for dams that supply water to pune and the burst in real estate or population of the city in the last 10 years.


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