Recently saw advt. about this project. 1 BHK price comes around 22Lac

Considering future prospects of the location i.e. moshi-alandi road , what do you think about this project from investment perspective?
Experts your advise please...
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  • Padmanabh seems to be a good investment option with 5+ year horizon...

    Dehu road-Moshi- Alandi road becoming 6 lanes with BRTS
    Also Chakan, Bhosari offers lots of employment opportunities hence attracting rentals as well.
    Lots of development should be happening in the surrounding area in years to come...
    Currently no social infra developed.... but this should change in 4-5 yrs. for sure....

    I guess Pune will grow mainly on 2 axis....1. solapur road side and 2. NH50 ie nasik road side...
    because NH4/NH4 bypass and Nagar road have already extended far and wide...
  • My dad was at the launch of this project & he was saying pretty much positive things - especially for people looking in the budget mentioned above with the location constraint being fine . Also quiet a number of flats ( I am not sure about the exact figure ) were booked right away at the day of launch it seems.
  • has any one booked in this scheme?
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  • Realacres,wiseman,vaibhav123 and other experts ...your opinion please...
    From long term perspective, do you think that ...investing in this would be a good decision?
  • Location of the project appears to be on place with potential to develop.
    Will potential convert itself into reality?
    What will be the time frame for this conversion to actuality? 5 years appears to be realistic timeframe.
    Again what will be overall state of RE 5 years hence?
    Westside county township was another project by this builder.
    How is the project? History of projects by builder will give better idea.
    Lot of subjective decisions need to be taken.
    Personally I would not invest at this point in time..
  • Thanks vaibhav for your opinion.
    Historically, I have seen Darode-Jog delivering on time so that is not an issue.
    Considering a budget of 20-22 lac for 1BHK and upside possibility I feel it "could" be a good bet.
  • Historical timely delivery is noteworthy point.But the times are different,many builders face cash crunch,sales are stagnating,if not declining.

    Delivery period is at least three years away.

    What is the rate of increase in value you expect?

    I am not too upbeat about RE right now.
  • Capital appreciation in the range of 12-15% per year and 2-2.5% in rental return. 5+ year goal. I guess these are pretty reasonable numbers.
    I know these kind of returns I may get somewhere else although not in this price range (20-22lac)
    What do you feel?
  • ""Capital appreciation in the range of 12-15% per year and 2-2.5% in rental return. 5+ year goal. I guess these are pretty reasonable numbers"".
    Yes.They are reasonable numbers which one would expect after investing 20 lakhs+
    At this price range,it may be tight-economic situation of nation, RE state, macroeconomcic situation regarding bank loans,rates etc would be imponderables in this situation and will make it a gamble.
    Personally I am of RE as an investment for time being.For living is diferent.But not for capital appreciation.
  • abhayd,
    Carpet area for one bhk is lesser than 400 sq ft.I feel it is too small.
    I intend going to the site on Sunday for a look out of curiosity.
  • Please keep us posted
  • Don't know about this project details but builder is highly unreliable. His name is correct. :D
    One should visit Cross Over county project on Sinhgad rd near Lokmat, speak with buyers here & then take a call.
  • Hey Vaibhav, did you get an opportunity to visit the site?
  • I have been to this site in Moshi two days back and saw that they have dismantlled the sample/show flat. Sales people were absent on site. looks like builder not ineterested in any more booking