Hey guys,

I wanted to know information about these plots.

We have Agricultural Land - where we can't build squat on them.
Then we have Non Agricultural (N.A) - on which we can build homes.

Now i hear something called as - Collector N.A plot.
What is that?

Now i know that the municipal corporation of Pune makes a plot/area into N.A.
Now who makes a plot Collector NA ? And apparently the land sellers tell us that we can build homes right away!

Also we will get a 7/12 (SaatBaara) document with on the plot you own for Collector NA plot.
We get the 7/12 for a N.A plot too.

So what is the difference?

What are the precautions /checks we need to make to verify this collector-NA plot?

Also what do u think about this quote
38 km from Hadapsar - Jejuri - The seller is quoting 375 per sq. ft. apparently roads, compound, gate everything is setup

A 3000 sq feet plot costs - 11.5 Lakh

This looks like a complete rip off to me for a plot that far.
Your views?
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  • What is NA45 and NA47 a or b?

    Hello all,

    Came across some plots online where NA45 is done and NA47 is in progress.I tried to find out what is NA45 and NA47 regarding plots.
    Please help.

    Thank you.
  • Checks to be done
    Title check
    check of sanctions from concerned Government departments.
    Hire an advocate who will visit the tehsildars office and check the village record of rights to track history of ownership and how title has passed from seller to the buyer.
    Rate appears high considering distance.
    Check out that no garbage depot is coming up in the area.
  • Na45 & na47

    People please help.....what is NA45,NA47 regarding plots?
  • Hope this link clarifies what you are looking for -
    Non Agricultural permission | Accommodation Times
  • Thanx investwest.

    Little complicated. But still trying to understand:)
  • Na = non agriculture land
    it is the last stage of sanctions which is only granted by collector of district, for pmc, pcmc and town planning
    na is the most imp sanction. Once the plan is sanctioned by local municipal or town planning authority the sanction plans are proceed to collector office for na order, on the base of technical sanctions from local municipal or town planning authority collector order/grant permission of non agriculture, where we can begin construction on land.
    If you plan to buy open land,,then only prefer land with na from collector, as it assumes that land is almost clear from any litigation and most imp na is granted to only residential and commercial land, na for agri zone is rare. So make sure na is for residential zone and not agriculture zone.
  • When we buy a plot there are different types of properties.

    Collector NA


    Court NA

    What are the differences in it ? Whether it impacts on building permissions?