folks, how is bank of maharashtra for home loan? They are offering I think the lowest interest rate 9.75% compare to all other banks..
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  • Where did you find the rate 9.75? As per Loan Schemes - Term Loans, Overdrafts, Letters of Credit the rate is 10.25%.
  • Wow..looks like other PSU banks are jumping into this crowded field. From what i got to know (3 months ago), out of all the banks, Saraswat bank was offering the cheapest loan (purely on the basis of interest rate) at about 9.75% or something.
    But when i enquired in detail, they listed down stupid terms: 25K as processing fee, you have to buy 50K worth of shares and what not crap.
    Better read the terms carefully and enquire about 'All' expenses before initiating any application....
  • Yes tere must be some catch or hidden charges..let me find out with Bank itself