Hello all,

Hope you guys're doing excellent.. so after me spending around 4.5 years in IT, my father wants to purchase a house for me and I will pay rest of the installments of loan.. I specified my exp so that you may have an idea that finally I have a capability to pay installments.. now I used to live in pune around 2 years back and travelled to so many places later on... but pune indeed was my favourite destination always... I used to live in vishal nagar and I like that area a lot.. I read numerous threads here and guess you guys can help me out with your knowledge.. our budget is around 45 lakhs and we are looking out for a 2 bhk.. is it possible in these areas in this budget? or is it wiser to invest somewhere else..in areas like dehu road or ravet.. please help...

Ekta :)
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  • Vishal nagar in 45L looks difficult.
  • Even if you get it, I'll suggest you stay away from single building structures in this area. Why don't you look for other areas if vishal nagar doesn't fit in your budget? Ravet is good, you can even consider hinjewadi - some projects where you'll get it around your budget with better amenities.
    Either you can own a descent 1bhk in the area and save some amount form your budget.
    Owning a small house at good place is always better than owning a big house in some problematic area or locality or building.
  • And if you decide on anything such - specially gunthewari, then please check if that building/structure falls in the way of any current DP plan (such as reservation for something or road) or if it falls in the way of any such reservation in any new proposed DP extension. Cause if that happens, the building or structure (what ever you call) will surely get demolished some day..