Hi ,

I have seen some people already bought property in Siddhi Nisarg, Wakad. Please help me with how is the builder and how is the construction quality of Siddhi Nisarg. Builder name is Nisarg Associates.

Why I am asking because I am planning to buy propery in Nisarg Vishwa which launched by same builder in Wakad, Its costing 52 lakh for 2 BHK (924 sqft). I need some advise whether its good deal or not.

Builder quoting 4700 Rs per sqft in pre launch. Amenities included Club house, Gym, Children play area, Garden.. No Swimming pool. Its road touch property in Bhumkar Nagar.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Wen is possetion?
    • rewari192 years ago
      dont put test on this
  • Possession will be after 2 years i.e June 2017.
  • 120 views but just 1 reply, Can someone plz advise on this.
  • When I enquired they quoted. Rs 4850 per sqft. I am not buying there but I am surprised to see under 5K rate in that area. It seems after stagnating for about year, prices started declining.
  • Yes in Pre -launching they quoted 4700 sqft. . But after launching they are quoting 4850 sqft. .
    How is the appreciation of property in that area (Bhumkar Nagar, Wakad)
    Is it good deal in terms of quality and appreciation in future.
    I am buying property for investment.
  • Yes good for investment but you should study the DP carefully. I guess parking for BRT is planned somewhere near. I am not sure problem of PCMC parking to the society.
  • Hi Sj2013

    Can you please share where can we get that information about BRTS plans? are they available on PCMC website or so?

    Prikhmi - Did you book the flat there or not yet? Please let me know if you have checked the plans & sanctions for this from the builder?
  • Hi Sj2013 , Thanks for the useful information, Could you please let me know from where we can get PCMC BRTS plans.

    PP1234, Yes I am thinking to book there, I have checked plans , and it looks good. Also its within my budget.

    Also Builder shown me all the files for the plot sanctions.
  • The DP plan is available at builders office. The same can be downloaded from http://pcmcindia.gov.in/pdf/pdfvillage/
  • prikhmi; so did you book in Nisarg Vishwa ?
  • any update about project ? What is final negotiable rate ?
  • Guys.. Did you booked flat in Nisarg-vishwa. Builder were saying they don't require environment clearance as property only 1.5 acre..
  • Need information about bank approvals

    Hi prikhmi

    I am also planning to book flat in this project. But as it has possession after 2 years. Just wanted to make sure it is safe to make deal there. Did you checked all the papers from builders like pcmc sanction plan , docs related to title of land , commencement certificate etc ? Also dose project has approval from sbi or hdfc?

    Appreciate your help.
  • Hi Prikhmi
    I also want to book flat in this project, but as it has possession 2 years later, I want to make sure that it is safe to make deal there, so have you checked the documents like sanction plan, documents related to title and commencement certificate etc. ? Also dose project has approval from SBI or HDFC ? Appreciate your help
  • Nisarg Vishwa by Nisarg Group in Bhumakar Chauk / Wakad - Pune

    Hello Friends

    I want to book flat in Nisarg Vishwa Near Bhumkar Chauk, Wakad, as it has possession after 2 years, Need advises from the people who booked flats in this project. dose project has approval from all legal authorities and is safe to make a deal there ? Can someone please advice ? I am looking for flat 1bhk,1.5bhk in nearby vicinity.
    • mallik1 years ago
      Hi ,

      Any one checked all the documents