Take a look at Reform Real Estate (@CleanUpRE): https://twitter.com/CleanUpRE?s=09

I had created above twitter handle. Please use this twitter account (Reform Real Estate @CleanUpRE) to lend your support for the Unitech buyers who despite winning are facing P Chidambaram in Supreme Court appeal.

This not just exposes builder politician nexus but also shows how ex Finance Minister is more concerned about earning money from a crooked builder than showing concern for buyers waiting for 6 years to get their flat.

This is disgraceful and disgusting.

Please follow @CleanUpRE to support the opposition to P Chidambaram and Unitech.

I have composed many tweets to reach the ears of politicians and media. I have retweeted large number of tweets made by other home buyers also.

Please retweet all those retweets.

If 100 of you retweet 100 retweets with @xyz then xyz will get 10000 messages on their twitter account.

Of course every single one of you must follow and retweet messages from journalists supporting the cause like




If they tweet anything then please retweet so that your followers will hear their tweets. Nayantara has already tweeted on this issue. Please retweet so that from 241 retweets presently it reaches 500+.

All you have to do to join this protest is download twitter on your mobile and click buttons for two minutes. But your protest will reach the ears of all politicians and media. And thousands of people on twitter.

Please be proactive in creating a twitter storm against Unitech. Remember that all other people filing cases in NCDRC and all buyers facing years of delay will be affected by this judgement.

Please help Unitech buyers to help ourselves.
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