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Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects


Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects

Last updated: June 10 2016
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    Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects

    I visited the Alcon site last wknd, liked the sample flat though few sqft's more would hv been ideal..
    my only concern is hvnt heard much about this builder, and the project might get completed in 2-3 yrs time-frame..
    water problem is persistent in kharadi as well..which doesnt look like getting resolved soon...

    any thoughts?

    Originally posted by muttukumar View Post
    Alcon constructors are quoting 3000 psft in kharadi ....alcon renaissant...

    are the builders OK ? the site is located 2 kms from ganga constella ...

    2 BHK - 1050 sq ft , total prices comes to 3672000 [ inclusive car parking ]

    amenities promised gym,pool,playgrnd etc

    can anyone advice if its good for living and investing ?


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      Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects


      Do you know what is current price Per Sq Feet now in Renaissant?
      How is the water problem now,
      If PMC water supply started? I saw a PMC tank in Map.
      I am also interested to buy a flat in Renaissant, I liked the sample flat and quality.

      Infact one of my friend is moving to abroad and he has offered me his flat in A builing at 6th floor.
      what will be the reasonable price there?

      Thanks in advance.

      Originally posted by moiz_malu View Post
      ALCON Renaissant is in Kharadi, Check the address mentioned in brochure, its "Sc. no 54, Kharadi".

      The builder is an upcoming builder and trying to establish his brand by giving best possible quality.

      I am tenant living in this builders earlier society "ALCON ACACIA". Please visit it in Konhdwa and talk to some people living here to know about the builder and quality 95 out of 100 will praise both.

      I am thinking to buy a flat here and as building A is full building B is not left with my choice flats waiting for opening of building C

      Ganga constella is not 2 KM, instead it is 600mts. EON is 800 mts and same is Nagar road. The roads are not made by PMC but by builders till Ganga Constella. When further development comes till ALCON, the roads would be 18mt wide

      This is next Viman Nagar. Reliance, Raddison, Panchsheel, Marvel, BU Bhandari, Clover-Vasscon, Gera, Kolte Patil, GoelGanga, Nyati are all ready for the cake


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        Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects


        I am looking for a 2bhk in Kharadi and have come to know about projects like Mount n Glory and Alcon Renaissant

        Can someone please guide me about Alcon? Is the project good? Any inputs from existing buyers / residents?

        It would be great to know the current maintenance charge and the situation on water supply.

        Lastly, is Alcon builders in Pune going to give conveyance to residents for society formation soon or do they keep milking the residents for money?

        Your inputs are really appreciated and thanks in advance!


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          Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects

          Check out galaxy one - next to eon IT park.


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            Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects

            Originally posted by investwest View Post
            Check out galaxy one - next to eon IT park.
            Hi Investwest,

            Thanks for the prompt response... really appreciate.

            I'll check galaxy one asap - meanwhile, please let me know your views around it. My budget is around 60 - 62 lakhs all inclusive.

            Thanks again..


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              Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects

              Just to add, i have gone through the thread here on Galaxy one... its a little dated but gives some basic info..

              Neutral about the project yet...

              Appreciate more inputs



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                Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects

                This is what I know from 8 months back...I booked at galaxy one for 5000 psft...overall package was coming to around 68 with 30% loading however cancelled next day because I had some emergencies to cater to and went out of India for some time. Came back with checked it again however proptiger person told me that there are some issues between landlord and builder. Not sure how much it is true as the marketing partner for galaxy one is JLL and not proptiger. Location is superb however please get this dispute clarified and increase your budget to around 70 else Galaxy one might not be a good option for you.


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                  Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects

                  As far as I know, many agents/brokers including prop tiger play such tricks of spreading rumors in the market about any project which is not offering them brokerage.
                  It happened to me many times, when I was looking out for a flat in PS rahatani area, a broker told me that a perticular project falls under pradhikaran (PCNTDA) and land is leased, believing that and being more secure about my money I never inquired about that project anywhere.
                  After few months, when my parents came to pune, they visited this project and got all the details and we finalized the deal but by this time rate was hiked by 300 rs psqft. That was loss on our part because of a stupid broker.
                  I'll suggest you find out details yourself if you are interested in some project.


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                    Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects

                    Thanks guys

                    Actually am not in pune currently and hence depend on and appreciate inputs from experts like you'll.

                    70L might be out of my budget... do you'll know of any good project to buy in resale (less than 3 years or so) in Kharadi for a budget of 63-64L?



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                      Re : Kharadi Pune Projects and Prospects

                      I would suggest you go for Alcon. It fits your budget, location is good and contruction quality is good as well. It also has all amenities and overall the project has a feel good factor.


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?