Speak one language – We only accept communications in English. Grammatically sound and well written English leads to higher viewership of your content.
    This isn’t a market – Please don’t come here to sell or scan for leads. IREF was put in place to help people, not spam them. None of these practices will be tolerated on threads, or private message boards.
    Search before posting– Someone else may have already asked a question you just thought of; search our engines before posting.
    Be nice – Have healthy debates and interesting, fun exchanges. No one likes to come back to a place where there’s condescension, insulting or abusing. Bullies will be banned.
    Make every post count – Lol, OK, Aha don’t further a conversation. Add value to every content you put out there.
    Anonymity is key – On IREF, our ideas define us; not our identity. Do not reveal anyone’s personal contact information on this medium. IREF will not be responsible for the 4 am call that woke you up.
    We can hear you fine without the Caps Lock – Write like an adult. You’re not making a point with your gigantic green font.
    Respect the moderators – They’re keeping the forum clean for you. Send the admin a private message if you disagree with a moderator’s conduct.
    Post relevant content – Post only relevant matter in the concerned forum. Similarly, don’t digress from the thread topic. Offtopic posts will be moved/removed without intimation.
    Repetitive posts are spam too – Do not flood the forum with the same content. Repetitive posts don’t help you get noticed, they just cause nuisance.

    Read our elaborate code of conduct here.............
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