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    Hi all
    Great to be a part of the forum.

    We're property managers in the UK and I've been looking into the Indian market, I was wondering what considerations new real estate investors should bear in mind when buying property in India?

    What investment strategies are you using? What is the rental market like and where are you currently investing?
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    Re : British member

    to the family. We look forward to your helpful discussions on the forum. Do go through the Rules once!

    A quick run through some important rules:

    Personal Information - IREFdoes not allow posting of personal information, such as full names, email addresses, numbers, or home/business name/addresses on the forum (Such can be shared through private messages on a later stage). All posts containing such content will be deleted.

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    Links/Solicitation - IREFdoes not allow advertising goods or services related or unrelated to Real Estate, posting of affiliate or referral links, or any other form of solicitation (including member profiles or any other publicly viewable area). While informative blogs are allowed, links/excerpts of commercial websites / businesses are strictly not permitted. We don't allow promotion of websites or personal businesses on the forum.
    Please read IREF rules | FAQ's


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