I am new to forum community.I am the owner Advanced Fluoro Tubes, a renowned Mumbai-based PTFE Tubing Manufacture company. Hope you would appreciate it and help me participating in future discussions.
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  • me also new here
    anyway welcome dear to this site :-)
  • sadiyakhan , to the forum .

    Have fun here, but do read the forum rules, particularly this one -

    Use of Private Message Board by Agents/Brokers
    IREF has no reservations with real estate agents/brokers signing up on the forum. Their participation is welcome providing they stay within the realm of the forum rules. While brokers may not be engaging in direct buying & selling, some might try to influence members through biased postings on projects of their choice and convince members to discuss their requirements through the PMB (Private Message Board). In case you are doubtful of such members who are using IREF for soliciting leads, please inform us. While reporting, please include the username, their URL’s/Posts/PMB Messages and other plausible reasons to support your suspicion. We will ALSO take action against members who send ‘Private Messages’ to buy, sell or negotiate real estate deals.