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Real Jokes on Real Estate


Real Jokes on Real Estate

Last updated: October 14 2014
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  • Real Jokes on Real Estate

    Hi All

    This is my first post! Let's begin it on a light note. Here are some cool self-written jokes on Real Estate.

    Q: Why is it called 'Real' Estate?
    A: Coz it costs you REAL money!!

    Q: What do you call a home that's cheaper when others compare it and expensive when you do?
    A: Your own!!

    Q: After marriage, why is your own house better than any other rented place?
    A: Coz you've already paid the price.

    Q: How was the concept of a Caravan (mobile homes) invented?
    A: When a pre-historic guy saw a Tortoise.

    Q: What if there were vigilantes to take care of illegal houses?
    A: There would be ample House Arrests.

    Q: What do you get when you mix booze with driving?
    A: The wrong house

    So hope you all had fun! Do let me know about my first post. I am a writer btw, so merciless comments and mindless arguments are a part of my routine so I am open for it.

    Happy Day!
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    Re : Real Jokes on Real Estate

    You have made the right beginning,but remember RE is serious business and huge amounts are involved in transactions.
    Most of us realise that an RE transaction would be the biggest personal transaction by most of us.
    Any humor is always welcome and there is a joke section which is full of nice humor.


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      Re : Real Jokes on Real Estate

      @Vaibhav123 Thanks for the like and reply. Taken note of your suggestion. However, my posts will be serious and to the point but since this was the first one, I wanted it to be a lighthearted one.


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?