"A resale property is preferable over an under construction project"

Do you agree? Do you disagree?

Vote above, or tell us below why generalization is not okay for either case!
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  • For people without deep pockets, the risks and troubles of an under-construction project are not as taxing when compared to the high prices demanded for resale projects!
  • A resale property is preferable if you are ready to shell out more money and want to avoid risks of delayed projects, bad construction, and other hassles.
  • Buy UC property and
    - save some money (that's what the brokers would make you believe)
    - risk all your investment;
    - be at the mercy of mafia (aka builders or developers)
    -be ready to live on rent for most of your life;
    -possibility of becoming a politician or lawyer (depending upon whether you seek political or legal intervention in getting your dream house)
    - high blood pressure and heart problems guaranteed.

    And at the end of it all, DONOT ever compare your (delivered) house with the brochure or sample flat- because it may give you myocardial infarction!!
  • IMO most IT ppl consider to buy a new home (UC) as their first home. Risk is there but it always pays off if you are careful. upfront payments are less and one can afford a little expensive property.
  • Prefer Completed New Construction or a Resale over an Under Construction Project

    I would personally prefer resale property or a completed new construction over an under construction property. Hence i get to see the property and there is no risk of delay in possession by Builder. In this way i can be assure that i am investing in a property which i liked Quality and Planning wise.
  • BTW the resale properties are more or less held by end users who want to sell out and the rates are more negotiable than with builder. Add to it there is no service tax, vat, car park, development charges, club charges etc. Home loans are available 75% here also.

    Other than increase acidity, blood pressure and insomnia - there is nothing more added to your health in under construction
  • It's a lesson learnt only once you invested in UC because we want a bigger house while shelling out small amount due to the financial condition during that period.

    You only feel buying RTM once your dream project started delaying, giving health issues etc.

    It can only be right choice once there is a will from the government to keep the builder on their toss which is not yet there.
  • Property in resale.

    You pay for what you see.
  • Originally Posted by manishkalra
    You pay for what you see.


    And there is no WYSIWYG in RE.

    In UC, you pay for what you Dream......

    And what you get are Nightmares.........................
  • Resale property or under construction?


    A person who wants to invest money for long time and is not an end user then Under Construction is the best option as the person will be paying little amount after equal intervals of time.

    These days Builders are providing attractive payment plans for the Investor, as pay 10% at the time of booking, can get loan of 80% and then pay 10% at the time of possession.

    In this payment plan an end user can also invest as he/she only needs to pay 10% at the time of booking.

    If a person have a deep pocket, is able to pay instantly and is an end user, he should go for Resale Property.
  • For me, resale is better - no teething issues, knowledge of legality (OC\CC, deviation), no uncertainty in delivery time frame.

    Resale also has its share of hassles - unreasonable sellers, paper trail, cost,
  • 2. Resale property or under construction?

    Whether Investing in ready to move in house or under construction has to be decided based on individual needs.

    The primary criteria to decide is, the location, price and the developer behind it.

    If I get a good apartment at the right price closer to my existing home, I won't move waiting for another 1-2 years.

    Also if I get a ready to move in home in a larger township with lifestyle amenities I don't mind moving to a better location.

    So we cannot draw a conclusion with factoring individual needs.
  • Both Resale as well as Under Construction properties cannot be painted under the same brush. Quality of the constructions and amenities defer based on the reliability of the developer, additional costs, location etc. To say one is better than the other would be a fallacy and would ignore a lot of the finer details of either option. Detailed research and ground work is need in either option. Suitable paperwork needs to be in place and compliance with the rules and regulations is also essential.
  • Resale: Less risky, good for immediate use.
    New: More risk, may give better returns.