Has anyone else felt, instead of moderating the posts, someone is manipulating the threads...
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  • Give some example/s.
  • Originally Posted by mohitmishra
    has anyone else felt, instead of moderating the posts, someone is manipulating the threads...

    If you feel that Moderators r taking wrong decisions, you can always send a PM or mail to Admin .
  • why not discussing in public?
  • my some posts against supertech went missing... some other members too felt the posts are being deleted selectively... reason you might give

    1. the texts posts in pictures thread

    2. use of hindi language


    1. only posting pictures on billboard will not serve the purpose, people need to see the pics and give their views on them too... looking at pics here and discussing on a different thread is not practical. There are too many threads on IREF which discusses topics other than the thread name... and it is usually a good discussion

    2. use of hindi is again a lame excuse, because most of people talk in hindi/hinglish, and that's been OKAY here since I have seen it...

  • We have been tackling with such doubts for a long time now ;)

    Yes, we welcome any/all feedback from others; especially from our long standing members.

    Please mention the exact URL's/posts that you think have been tampered/Censored by IREF/Staff and we will respond on this thread itself.
  • They are deleted, so cant provide url for those...
  • Originally Posted by mohitmishra
    They are deleted, so cant provide url for those...

    Threads or posts are deleted? Maybe you could dig into Google's cache and send us screen shots!

    And try and provide us as much info so that we can look into it!
  • That will be awesome ;)
  • not available even in google cache... so you guys have all the rights, not it is upto you to investigate how come someone is trying to save ST on IREF ;)
  • Originally Posted by mohitmishra
    not available even in google cache... so you guys have all the rights, not it is upto you to investigate how come someone is trying to save ST on IREF ;)

    Moderators cannot permanently delete threads.The admin can look at deleted threads and bring it back. But if too many threads are deleted, admin may need to know few things like who created the thread, etc. I have heard good things about v bulletin and I am sure there will be a way to get back the data.

    Do you know the date of post? I can try to get it for you from cache.
  • Moderators cannot completely delete anything from the database this is true. Anything any moderator does is logged, histories are saved, and can be reverted or restored.

    Sure, things are deleted here and there that break rules or aren't appropriate. Many people have many deleted posts - including you, I can see that.

    We have faith in moderator decisions, but if you feel something is happening that is not fair by all means let us know! Let us know some indication toward what shouldn't have been edited or deleted and we will look into it. If it needs to be reverted, no big deal we'll do that and let the mod know why. Then, they would end up improving their skills here over time as they better learn how administration prefers things handled.

    On the same note, if it's deleted and it needs to be deleted, it would stay that way and we would hope the member understands why this decision was the case.

    Sometimes it may even seem a double standard and a member may take offense to that. For example a hindi post may be deleted for being hindi - because it doesn't carry much value it is easy to try to keep the site in line with the rules. However another hindi post may stay because it is SUPER relevant, linked from other sites, very important info - etc etc. So we may make the choice to leave it.

    It is a hard thing for forum staff to deal with. I applaud staff on any forum because of stuff like this. It is not easy to moderator a forum and make the right choices all the time. I mean really, no one WANTS their post deleted. Most wouldn't expect it or they wouldn't post it - so it's never an easy thing to have to stand behind, but we do when required.


    Anyway, sorry that went on too long. Would be happy to look into anything, feel free to let us know where you think things may need review!
  • well, my posts were in english, hindi and hinglish... and there are so many posts/newspaper clippings of hindi on the threads, I particularly feel someone was trying to be sympathatic to Supertech, and also there was one guy who was posting links to his site genxdeals.com... if you have the cache just see when I pointed out that the guy was spamming the threads few of my posts went missing, may two things were not connected, but I am sure both the things happened. also, the forums, where I post most of comments is in G Noida, and it being hardcore hindi area, only english wont help, but even if Mods thing the posts should strictly be in english, lets delete all the hindi newspaper clippings as well... I am sure when mods will look into my posts they will smell rat...
  • I'm stepping out so give me some time but, I will look into your post history (of deleted posts, where you asked why being deleted etc) and see if I see any glaring things that need addressing - otherwise will discuss history with IGRM and see if we want to make any changes.

    Thanks for understanding! Sorry for the trouble..
  • Thats great :)

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  • We appreciate your suggestions for use of "Hindi/Hinglish" in the Faridabad forum. Mods may have deleted some of your Hindi posts but let us assure you that we are not favourable to any builder. IREF is a neutral platform and we have always encouraged right to free speech. Even then, please try and provide us with as much information so that we can investigate the matter.