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Suggestions for improvement of the forum

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Suggestions for improvement of the forum

Last updated: February 27 2018
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  • Suggestions for improvement of the forum

    I have a few suggestions -

    1) While going through different threads of the forum, i have often seen one or more members accusing other members of being brokers or hurdling accusations on each other of trying to influence decisions. I would suggest, that whenever, such a situation arises, instead of accusing someone of being an agent/broker etc. , the administrator/forum coordinator needs to be appraised of the situation & let the administrator decide on the intent of the accused. This would help in -

    a) creating a much more cordial atmosphere for healthy discussions.
    b) A member's comment unnecessarily won't get maligned,
    c) stopping the , (sometimes) motivated blame game.

    2) Storage limit of the private messages can be increased.

    3) Whenever, one intends to add a new thread & starts typing on the Title Field , titles of similar content should be visible to him, so that he does not repeat on a previously existing thread.( not sure how this would be implemented , but I think computer techs., would be able to suggest a better solution to the problem)
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    Re : Suggestions for improvement of the forum

    Guys, come up with suggestions.

    It's for the betterment of the forum community.
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      Re : Suggestions for improvement of the forum

      I thinks, ye all should contribute to this... from my side

      1. There should be some poll section separately.
      As we have thread we don't get any quantitative... though its good subjectively..

      This would also mean a single vote by a login, whereas in thread a single user can post many time..
      so this can give a clear view of positive/negative interest or user..

      2. There should be a section of brokers contact... and yes I know broker can put there contact ... but I would also want that existing user rate themm.. then it would be fair and for other would be easy to know which are good one and which one are fraud...

      for now thats it..

      will come up with more suggestions soon ..


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        Re : Suggestions for improvement of the forum

        I am impressed ..

        The ADMIN of this forum is so active.. I am impressed ..
        Got a response immediately for the suggestions.. HATS OFF ..

        One more things that comes to my mind is the statistics of views ..
        I am not sure how much its possible technically, but currently that show a little exaggerated .. What I mean is, even if the person posting a thread views it increases the count.. there is no harm in it and as such it show real info..

        but what is missed is, that how many unique views are happening ..

        What I feel is
        - Every unique view should be counted
        - For a person putting a post even if that is multiple time should be counted (i.e. ot multiple times viewing)
        - For multiple view, atleast 1 day gap should be there

        Based on this we would get actual view data, which would actually be a measure of peoples interest ..

        but if it not possible technically.. now issue .. still the forum is GR8 ..
        I am just giving my suggestion ..


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          Re : Suggestions for improvement of the forum

          Hello !

          Here are my suggestions !

          - Website should automatically refresh after say 3 or 5 min .

          - There should be some refresh button on the website.

          - Title should not accept multiple entry for same project . Now anybody can start his own thread without searching forum . Alternately moderator should club together multiple entries into one.

          - Some places like Faridabad has not much activities . ADMIN can select 4-5 members from that area who will try to promote IREF . This can also be done for other cities.

          -There are many brokers , employees of brokers / builders who are promoting their own project or giving wrong advise to buyers . It needs to be monitored more carefully .

          - When we click on latest posts than it is showing only one page . It should also show page 2 , 3 & so on .. Otherwise it is very difficult to read all latest posts..

          Special Thanks to management of IREF 4 giving us such a wonderful plateform for sharing information.
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            Re : Suggestions for improvement of the forum

            My suggestions :

            1. As suggested by tinesha, there are mutiple threads discussion on same project. So my advise is to have

            1. a subthread under say Gurgaon on different Projects in that area
            2. Or / ANd sector wise
            3. And a bigger one like Properties in Sec < 60, Properties on Sohana Road, Golf Course road, NH-8 Left side, NH-8 Right Side

            I am sure to some extend it will bring many of the threads under some group. But it wil help tremendously for a person in need of information say on a project in Gurgaon --> Sec 66, -->Golf Course Extension Road

            In simple words try to avoid scattering of information and putting all discussion in one place. Many a times comparison is discussed then those threads can be visible in multiple places.

            - Refresh one is also a good idea and will be helpful.

            - Voting is a very much required option (one vote one member) , most of the members seek advise / opinion on a particular project which we give and then he is not able to compile easily as everyone says or writes differently on different aspect.

            - Different place for uploading of images , maps, letter, etc. and videos on a particular project. Presently its all text, and with pictures it will be more real...Its already there but if its projectwise then it will be better...
            Like in yahoo groups, discussion is in one place, docs and pictures are kept at different place...

            - More smilies


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              Re : Suggestions for improvement of the forum

              Generic Suggestions

              More Generic Suggestions:

              1.Members should be given additional rights according to their status. A New member and a senior member has no differentiation, if yes then i don't know about that

              2.Increased interaction from admin and communication from IREF. This will improve the number of posts as ~90% of threads become inactive on slightest loss of interest.

              3.Centralized and universal threads should be created and members across country should be encouraged to give their posts else Noida members only talk about Noida projects and Pune members only talk of about Pune projects.

              The Larger picture of RE doesn't get discussed often.


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                Re : Suggestions for improvement of the forum

                One more: Immediately BAN people who abuse and give personal remarks to members. No need of any investigation or delay in any decision-making.


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                  Re : Suggestions for improvement of the forum

                  Broadly,less than 10 &#37; of the forum members contribute to more than 90 % of the posts ( IGRM would be having the exact figures on this , correct me if i am too off ).

                  Active participation of all registered members should be the essence of any forum.

                  Members not logging in for months/years together , not contributing to any threads , should be asked to participate. One way would be auto mails to such members , reminding them to log in & contribute. This would make the discussions more exhaustive & vibrant.

                  Differentiating in some form between active & dormant members may also help in improving things.
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                    Re : Suggestions for improvement of the forum

                    Many thanks for all the valuable suggestions. We will do our best to implement them.
                    Read FORUM RULES watch a VIDEO or SEARCH FAQs before posting!


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?