I have a few suggestions -

1) While going through different threads of the forum, i have often seen one or more members accusing other members of being brokers or hurdling accusations on each other of trying to influence decisions. I would suggest, that whenever, such a situation arises, instead of accusing someone of being an agent/broker etc. , the administrator/forum coordinator needs to be appraised of the situation & let the administrator decide on the intent of the accused. This would help in -

a) creating a much more cordial atmosphere for healthy discussions.
b) A member's comment unnecessarily won't get maligned,
c) stopping the , (sometimes) motivated blame game.

2) Storage limit of the private messages can be increased.

3) Whenever, one intends to add a new thread & starts typing on the Title Field , titles of similar content should be visible to him, so that he does not repeat on a previously existing thread.( not sure how this would be implemented , but I think computer techs., would be able to suggest a better solution to the problem)
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  • Originally Posted by kavita74
    There shud be a 'like' option here as well.
    Please..can it be done?
    If we mention the post in replies for 'like' or +1, it will increase only the number of posts in the thread. And some posts r sooo good, its not good not to appreciate the quote and the efforts of the one who took all the trouble to post them here.
    So please..can 'like' option be incorporated here?

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    We will shortly install a + 1 Badge for pages.
  • Originally Posted by IGRM
    We will shortly install a + 1 Badge for pages.

    Thanks :)
  • Originally Posted by IGRM
    We will shortly install a + 1 Badge for pages.

    Looks like a workable solution .

    ..............& i suppose, all those who felt that removal of "LIKES" from the "The Off Topic" Forum was not fair & an mode of 'EXPRESSION" of their appreciation of a post was missing here, should be more or less satisfied .
  • A+1 badge is agood idea.
    Nice to see the website invite and responding to viewer/member feedback.
    This will strengthen the website and give it more eyeballs.
  • +1 badge option has not yet been installed for off topic forum threads.
    How much more time it will take to come in to force?
  • Originally Posted by Krazy Yuppie
    +1 badge option has not yet been installed for off topic forum threads.
    How much more time it will take to come in to force?

  • I never knew and I think many members are still not aware of it.
    Looks bit complicated.Could not fully grab it.
  • need sticky quotes , which could be promoted to be available at initial pages pf the forum,
    Lot of times we come across some reference stuff mentioned in the mail which is difficult to find later on or is also helpful for the new users for reference of quick facts.

    stick quotes could be based on voting or likes or promotion by mentors
  • I still feel that LIKE button with no counts is a better option.
  • when ever i open a thread...like real estate update of noida...first page comes then i have to go to last for latest comment.... i think last shhd come first.....why to see first comment which started long back 2-3yrs??
  • Well that just depends where you are clicking and on what. If to left of title you see little blue downfacing arrow - that takes you to the last unread post. If you just click the thread title it opens the thread from the beginning.

    If on the home page and you click a thread title that is in the "last post" column, then yes that does take you to the latest post.
  • missing the latest posts tab !

  • Yes, after much analytic work a few things were removed and a few tings added. Now we are testing and monitoring to see what we may want to bring back in the future (with some other changes that are on the way!).

    All feedback is being passed up though, so thank you for your post. :)
  • To IREF Administration,

    My suggestion is to IREF Administration that you should display the list of stopped projects/unfinished projects with the builder name & date when construction is started so that new investor will be careful while investing in such projects .

    also there should be mandatory clause in the agreement by when builder has to handover the flat to customer , if builder is not handovering the flat with in the date mentioned in the agreement he has to compensate the buyer with the rent ( for the alternative accommodation ) & interest ( the amount which he is paying on housing loan ) so that all the builder will make sure that project is completed on time .


  • MANOJa; I believe your ownership of this thread is absolute. I have also almost never questioned your judgment (at least publicly) on what posts you see fit to be allowed to stay published, and which ones need to be deleted.

    However this time I would like some clarification on what you saw offensive in my post from Saturday evening that you immediately deleted it, just so that I refrain from repeating the same mistake.

    There was no mention of any community, no implication of any government policies or action (or lack thereof), neither was there any rabble rousing intention on my part.

    My post was simply about how one of the most important aspects of real estate, whether as an investment or self use, “Location” in the case of NCR hasn’t really worked out too well in view of the current unrest. Primary implication being, what use are million dollar apartments when something as basic as medical facilities can be held to ransom.

    Not asking to reinstate my post, merely requesting you to point out what was wrong with it.