I have a few suggestions -

1) While going through different threads of the forum, i have often seen one or more members accusing other members of being brokers or hurdling accusations on each other of trying to influence decisions. I would suggest, that whenever, such a situation arises, instead of accusing someone of being an agent/broker etc. , the administrator/forum coordinator needs to be appraised of the situation & let the administrator decide on the intent of the accused. This would help in -

a) creating a much more cordial atmosphere for healthy discussions.
b) A member's comment unnecessarily won't get maligned,
c) stopping the , (sometimes) motivated blame game.

2) Storage limit of the private messages can be increased.

3) Whenever, one intends to add a new thread & starts typing on the Title Field , titles of similar content should be visible to him, so that he does not repeat on a previously existing thread.( not sure how this would be implemented , but I think computer techs., would be able to suggest a better solution to the problem)
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