Instead of making the user experience better, this update has made everything worse

1. It looks like a bulletin board out of the 90s now.
2. Everything is too bright and my eyes start hurting within a few minutes.
3. Liking a post has become meaningless. Likes given/received are not shown with the username and it looks like previously given likes have been erased.
4. There is no way to reach the first unread post of a thread directly

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  • Last week change in look and feel of IREF took me by surprise as finding it difficult to understand value added by it.

    Personally I always liked old colored look and feel of web page
    Not sure why we don't see numbers of Likes received and given by users
    User CP and notification view too not user friendly

    Not sure about others but now it is less welcoming and attractive to me.

    What other users feel??

    cc @TiWi @MANOJa
    • MANOJa3 years ago
      Originally Posted by MANOJa

      I can understand what u mean .

      I acknowledge that there r issues and we r working 24x7 to sort them out . The upgrade was meant to enhance the user experience, but maybe things have not gone as per our plan .

      My request and advise is that please wait, hang on & hopefully, all issues would be sorted out soon .

      I am with u here and trust me, we would sort it out, give us time .

      I am merging this thread with something existing here - .

      Edit - Looks like i don't have the merge option with me . So, let it remain here .

      Would request u and all others to post in the link on this subject . This thread is being locked .

      The merge option is hidden deep inside somewhere . I was finally able to merge . Thank god and thank my patience .
  • This is very very unfriendly theme. Requesting a switch to the old one.

  • Whole Forum page looks homogeneously white. Like windows txt notepad. Need to make page heterogeneous. Please darken the shade of Grey bars that separate posts, Quote Boxes, User id on left side of posts, Header (NCR, Pune...,Kolkata, More) etc.

    This simple change alone will be very helpful.

  • This is the error what comes up when any large thread is accessed using tapatalk.
  • I wonder the tech team did any UI testing or real world validation before rolling this out. Missing link, vanished bookmarks, platform and systems delinked, bad color choices. Too many misses and it's taken over weeks to fix them?

    How can things go so bad ... but seems you think it's a standard user inertia and things will settle down soon. On their own?

  • How can a GUEST like any post?
  • One should recognise an idea is bad and revert.
    Some threads inform me that I am not authorised to view them.
    It is becoming user unfreindly in its present form.
  • Originally Posted by vaibav123
    One should recognise an idea is bad and revert.
    Some threads inform me that I am not authorised to view them.
    It is becoming user unfreindly in its present form.

    I agree & i am trying for that .
  • bugs that I have reported a week ago are still present.

    wow, just realized there is a whole "team" behind this forum:

    I have seen larger forums being run by just 3 people which are much more efficient.
    This simple forum has so many teams:
    brand team
    content team
    engineering team
    operations team
    design team
    growth team
    product team
    analytics team
    social team
    news team
    production team

    I wonder what all these people do since all the content is user generated and the website is running on the mundane vbulletin platform.
  • No response from the tech team.

    I guess its a way of saying just take it as it is, or feel free to leave it situation !!
    • Raj.IREF3 years ago

      We regret the inconvenience caused and we are working on all the issues one by one. We will keep reading this discussion and will keep you posted when bugs are resolved.
  • I understand theming is subjective and it best left to the decision owners if the forum.

    But there is loss of functionality like not being able to access large and popular threads on official mobile app or Tapatalk.
    This makes me wonder why it's not being addressed. May be, this affects only the regular users and not the one that comes via search and does not significantly affect their page Hits.
  • I don't want to be part of iref anymore. It's so slow on desktop version and doesn't work on tapatalk.

    • Raj.IREF3 years ago
      We are working on this issue. We will do it ASAP.
  • So i noticed some changes today. The contrast/brightness has been its somewhat better than before. Font size also looks increased by a bit and posts are better separated by grey bars. But FORUM doesn't look familiar and lost its original feeling. The problem is that whole UI/visuals are messed up and trying to tinker/fix small things will never restore the originality (or shall i say familiar comfort) that users were enjoying before the update.

    Anyway Some more small fixes i can suggest.

    Increase the Grey shade of Quote Boxes.

    Increase the grey shade of comment boxes

    Must and Must increase the number of threads in pages in every section. Only 10 threads (excluding sticky) on every page is very low. In active sections where users make frequent posts, the threads get quickly buried under new threads and subsequent pages. So anyone logging after couple of days has to browse 3-4 pages to get recent updated. This is tiresome. Very basic rule, first page of section must be most user friendly to people.

    Put advanced search bar back on top of every section. This was very good feature to search sections. I don't see any logic why it was removed.

    Fix redirecting issues and broken links, Tapatalk etc.

    In my honest advice to staff. What's worth doing is also worth undoing. Taking new initiatives can be bold. But taking steps back in case big mistake has been made is more courageous. Its obvious that big blunders have been made and trying to provide small fixes will never restore the forum to its previous best. Obviously people involved in designing screwed up big time. Best thing to do is roll back the new design completely.....for now. And build a full proof new version for near future keeping all issues in mind. And introduce new version in near future after all considerations, Beta testing and user feedback.


  • Issue remains when accessing large threads on tapatalk
  • So i am seeing this thread on the main page but when i click it, it says i am not authorized to view it.