I wish to thank all the members who have helped us this far.

Started by stumbling on this website almost a year back during Google search, and since then have been to this forum many times for guidance and advice.

Finally we signed the documents and submitted today with the developer. Hope that it turns out to be good decision.

Thanks IREF, moderators and fellow members.

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  • Thanks for the kind words :) How are things working out so far, a month into your contract? Hopefully well!
  • i want Thx to IREF and Zohaib
    Zohaib's post help me lots(in both property purchase )
  • I would like to thanks this forum and forum members for sharing their priceless knowledge and updating us about all the good and bad practices of builders.

    I would also like to say thanks to the forum to help me in not getting trapped in RE mafia and loosing my hard earned money.
    I came to know about this forum when I was searching UC property(Flat) for investment in NCR about 1.5 Yr back but after knowing all the ill practices of the builder I dropped my idea of buying and saved Lakhs
  • deepak465,

    Nice of you to acknowledge that postings in the forum have helped you save lakhs.

    Let me tell you you have saved lakhs but also you saved stress and tension of waiting for your flat-delays cause inconveniences.

    IREF was equally helpful when i looked around for flats.