There are some great guys with lots of knowledge and experience in this thread, and I hope they would be of some help.

The traffic light at BPTP chowk switches off (or just blinks ) every night after 9 PM. This is a big intersection with lots of traffic on bypass road and many people entering GF from all directions.

I thought this switching off was a few days affair, but it is continuing from months. Can anyone please guide me regarding who or where should I lodge complaint. Is there a phone, mail or website.

I am sure many among you might have noticed it too.
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  • Most Traffic lights in Delhi are off/blinking after 11 PM. Similarly in Faridabad.

    There is nothing you can do about it. Even if the lights are functioning properly at 9 PM in Faridabad, there won't be many people who will follow it. Because there are is no Police in night to enforce Traffic rules.

    I have seen it myself in Delhi. Many people don't follow traffic lights after 10 PM. Traffic is low, there is no Police and so people just jump the lights. I myself jump lights every chance i get during night time except at critical junctions. That's the way traffic work in night. I remember, once i stopped at Red light at Karol Bagh at 10 PM and people behind me started honking. So i was forced to jump it.
  • As per traffic rules " blinking of traffic signal usually yellow means look and go.No stoppage required.