Hi, I am an IT professional (Gujarati), born and brought up in Mumbai. I find some cities of Gujarat great places to live, especially Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad. I have an idea that the no. of IT companies in Ahmedabad are rising.

Can anyone give me an idea if there are jobs available in Ahmedabad, offering salary in a similar salary range as compared to Mumbai. Eg. If my current salary is 6.6 lacs p.a. with 5+ yrs of experience in Mumbai, can I get a job in Ahmedabad in a reputed company (having employee size atleast 200+, not those small companies) offering at least 8 lacs p.a.? I said 8 lacs considering Ahmedabad bcoz I will be offered 9+ lacs in Mumbai.

Also, any other Gujarat cities than Ahmedabad that might come up with real IT companies?
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  • Anybody who has any idea about my queries?
  • You can get as per your skill sets. Elitecore and e infochips are Ahmedabad based companies. Oracle, Tcs, Cybage are few I have heard of. I also know of a small company which can pay even double of what you asked, but again it depends on your skill set.