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Real estate's Bollywood connection...


Real estate's Bollywood connection...

Last updated: December 19 2006
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  • Real estate's Bollywood connection...

    Has real estate captured the minds of the film industry too?

    Indian Films have always been the reflection of the society. It has always provided flavors of emotions and issues that transcended with those that prevailed in the society at that period of time.It is said that the potrayal of the 'any young man' in the 70's was a reflection of the aggression and revolt in the minds of the youth at that time.And that was what clicked with the sentiments of the audience.

    Similarly, numerous films have been made with real estate and property as the subject over the years. Though the trend was sublimed for a few years,
    it has again successfully caught the sentiments of the people at a time when realty has become a part of India's progressive culture.
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    Re : Real estate's Bollywood connection...

    I still remeber the Trishul...

    Remember the film Trishul starring Sanjeev Kumar and Amitabh bachchan, in which the two builders corporate life was brought into picture... how the tenders were filed and how the scams in tenders are carried away....

    how come the bollywood turn face from the ever garam masala plot real estate...


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      Re : Real estate's Bollywood connection...

      The Game is on !!

      You are absolutely right Kushwant. Our Hindi films has always been inspired by the situations in the society.

      Lets have a game here.....

      One member will give a clue for a film based on real estate and the other members have to guess the name. So here goes my first clue.....

      Name the Hindi movie, which had the protagonist character as the landlord.... who always moves around with an umbrella :p

      Good luck....
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        Re : Real estate's Bollywood connection...

        Khosla ka Ghosla

        Awesome Movie.. Khosla ka Ghosla featuring a builder and client...

        I liked that movie


        Have any questions or thoughts about this?