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Intrinsic value of a property : AIRPORT ?


Intrinsic value of a property : AIRPORT ?

Last updated: April 7 2012
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  • Intrinsic value of a property : AIRPORT ?

    The buyers are taken for a ride with a wrong notion that proximity to airport is expensive.

    How true is the claim that Airport proximity is advantageous ?

    A peace of property which sells for less than 3 K /sqft sells for 8K/ sqft because of airport ?

    So , you pay 5000 K / sqft because of the airport ? Excuse me but can some one explain the rational ? Connectivity with other parts of the city ?

    Do you eat and drink connectivity ? Or enjoy taking a nap on the tarmac ? How fraud is this notion that airport proximity is prime.

    In countries like UK the proximity to airport is the lowest of real estate because of the nuisance. Are we living in a stone age or is it that every one blindly follows the broker , builder without thinking ?
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    Re : Intrinsic value of a property : AIRPORT ?

    It is like a rumor which no real fact. It is like a fashion parade.

    Suddenly some fraudster popularizes the notion that airport ( international airport) is sanctioned ( which is 60 minutes away from the building). The poor guy who is trying to buy a home for himself may not even want to know leave alone travel.

    People argue that commercial value of the property will increase.

    Can any person tell me what commercial value ( in terms of shops, hotels or other amenities) near airport fetch?

    How many international travelers really use those 'commercial facilities' ? Every one knows that every hospitality facility near the airport is darn expensive

    like a bottle of water = 85 rupees.

    besides , within the circumference of about 2 KM radius, the airport is a super security zone where commercial properties are not entertained. Now , that leaves some one with setting up a restaurant at about say 5 KM from the airport.

    Now, are you telling me that since this restaurant is close to ( 5 KM) the airport , there is more business ?

    Similarly hotels, shops, malls etc ? . Howmany international travelers can afford staying in the Leela or Park hotels ?

    So, how does a normal restaurant , business facility will even get business near the air port ? If at all, that guy will lose money because the property tax is more and no business.


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      Re : Intrinsic value of a property : AIRPORT ?

      Originally posted by Komal27
      Technically houses closer to cremation grounds should be most expensive because that is where we all have to go
      That is so surreal yet so true.

      Wish these people understand simple things instead of falling to the con of the son man.

      Some one says ,, air porta aa gaya hai airport aagaya hai.. as if it is in his kitchen and rest of the people throng that place and pay 3 times the price.

      Its height of idiocy.


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        Re : Intrinsic value of a property : AIRPORT ?

        rates in Panvel , where people used to get at very cheap rate, suddenly shot up. All because of airport .

        No one uses his brain how airport will help him/her first of all.

        Is there more to a 'home' than resale ?

        Even resale , some one has to ultimately buy for residence right ? Otherwise how long the chain of sale, resale, resale,resale .. goes on ? where will it end ? It has to end at the end user .

        ELse the last person who buys this property ( and fail to sell it ) will lose huge huge and big time.


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          Re : Intrinsic value of a property : AIRPORT ?

          Wish these people understand simple things instead of falling to the con of the son man.

          If this becomes true,there will be lesser crowd to buy on the first day of a prelaunch offer.
          There will lesser takers for Under construction property and focus will shift to completed projects with CC
          If this was true people will not trust DP roads,likely planned developments as told by slick salesmen of housing projects.
          if this was true,people will be more legal in their approach to purchases and not sign one sided agreements.
          if this was true any person would run away from the airport area-who would like to hear supersonic noises all the time.
          But we people are inconsistent,emotional and do not buy houses in a clinical fashion and go by trends,fads etc.


          Have any questions or thoughts about this?