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Billionaire Dream

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  • Billionaire Dream

    Mukesh Ambani's dream house on Alta Mount Road in Mumbai will cost Rs 120 crores.
    Imagine living in a 22-storied building, with two swimming pools, two basements for parking cars and a 100-seater home theatre!

    And if that seems a tad less, top it all with a helipad! All of that for a neat sum of Rs 120 crores. Well, that's where the dream ends and reality begins.
    While most people can just imagine this, Mukesh Ambani is the man who's going to own it. It's the dream house of the man who owns a $20 billion company.

    Located at the Alta Mount Road in Mumbai, the building has more to it than a lavish design. The house can withstand an RDX explosion, and if that's not safe enough, even an earthquake measuring 8 on the Richter scale can't damage it.

    "The columns can be designed in such a way that it can stand an earthquake. At the most, there could be minor damage. But that won't make the building collapse," Dr K S Reddy, General Manager of Ashapura Samooh, explains.
    The architect behind this dream home is Singapore-based James Young. And his vision will be there for all to see in just about two years time.

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    Re : Billionaire Dream

    Good for Mr.Ambani.

    If he presses the wrong key in the elevator, he might end up in the guest bathroom, instead of his own bedroom.

    Imagine, having to talk to your won wife over an "Airtel" mobile in the same house.... coz she preferred to sleep in the 20th floor bedroom while he sulks in the 5th floor master bedroom.....

    God bless the Ambanis of the world...
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      Re : Billionaire Dream

      Bangalore: Flats For The Super-rich Only

      I 'd like to share with you friends one more instance of the 'boom factor' of Indian real estate. But is this the real picture of our booming economy when a chunk of India fight for two-meals-a-day.

      In an unprecedented move, the Bangalore-based Mantri Developers have built and sold apartments to clients “handpicked” by them. Fifteen “select” people will now become the proud owners of exclusive apartments costing Rs 6 crores each at Mantri Altius, a residential complex located off Cubbon Park in Bangalore.

      At Rs 10,000 per sq ft, these homes will be talked about not just for their pricing, but for the way they were “sold” to each owner. Sushil Mantri, Managing Director, and his wife drew out an initial list of 40 prospective owners and sent “feelers” to them about the luxury homes. After two rounds of discussions, the 15 “privileged among the privileged” were asked to sign the agreement papers.

      Mantri says the firm wants like-minded people to stay together and enjoy the benefits of community living in the best neighbourhood in the city. The criteria for selecting prospective owners were that they must be 40 and 50-year-olds, professionally non-competitive, and have similar family backgrounds and lifestyle. And he has set some regulations too: the owners are bound by strict resale and rental policies as drawn out by the company. This is mainly to keep away speculators and investors.

      The design of the complex is of global standards. Singapore-based RSP Architects is doing the job. Across the world, all super-premium homes are spread at one level only. So it is at Altius which is going to have 15 homes on 15 floors with the elevator opening in the drawing room of each apartment. And the ground floor lounge will resemble a seven-star hotel lobby complete with a receptionist and vending machines to entertain guests. Besides, an 18,000 sq ft clubhouse will also take shape at Altius.

      Meanwhile, all security checks are electronic, with guests going through video screening. In fact, the occupants themselves and the service team (domestic help, drivers, etc) can enter their homes only after passing through biometric identification checks.

      Source:Realty Plus
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        Re : Billionaire Dream

        Good illustration of Indian 'realty' or 'reality'?

        Situated in the heart of Mumbai, this $500 million, 28-storey home of Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries and one of India's richest men is also a good example of co-occurrence of wealth and poverty together in our country. The tower-building has its surroundings: on one side, a view over the Arabian Sea; on the other, a panoramic view across Asia's biggest slum.

        May be investors can take it as a good illustration of the vast potential available in India's mushrooming real estate industry.
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          Re : Billionaire Dream

          Ambani house invites Waqf ire

          'Antilia'is the name of Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani's dream house.
          But the issue has become as popular as Mukesh Ambani himself is. Now read this fresh new issue.

          Hmm....what's happening Mr. Ambani???

          After subdued protests over the ostentatious nature of the building, questions are now being raised on the manner in which the plot of land was purchased.
          Members of the Joint Parliamentary Committee and Waqf Board came by busloads to visit Antilia after some complaints were filed against the proposed home.

          "Some members have complaint that this piece of land can not be sold,” said Chairman of Joint Parliamentary committee on Waqf, SM Laljan Basha.
          The 4,532 sq m plot on which construction activity has now reached a war footing has 27 double height floors and is over 170 metres tall. It will house every imaginable luxury from private entertainment centres, a health club, swimming pools to helipads.

          But the skeleton has been allegedly built on land which reportedly cannot be sold as the land originally belonged to the Karim Bhai Trust which ran an orphanage and availed Waqf Board benefits.

          Ambani purchased this land from the trust in 2002 for Rs 24 crore. Later the deal was challenged and the industrialist had to pay another Rs 14 crore.
          But the trust did not seek the permission of the Waqf Board for the sale. "Once we find out the truth we will give out report to the Parliament,” said Wafk Board Chairman Tariq Anwar.

          If the claims made by the Waqf Board hold any ground then this palatial dream house of the world's 14th richest man may well be a distant dream.



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            Re : Billionaire Dream

            Maharashtra Govt. to seize the Ambani’s dream land!

            A plan by Mukesh Ambani to build what could be the world's most lavish private home on the site of a Mumbai orphanage has run into red tape, showing that even India's richest man is not immune to the complexities of Indian bureaucracy.

            After a parliamentary review of the Wakf Board, the Maharashtra state government has issued an order to confiscate the land, which it alleges was sold illegally to the oil and petrochemicals baron. He is already part way through building his 27-story "palace in the air" on the site.

            Anees Ahmad, a minister with the state government, said the Ambani property "is really an orphanage house. As per the government constitution of this country, these lands cannot be sold or purchased."

            The new Ambani family home would rise 570 feet — the equivalent in height of a 60-story residential building — and would have six levels of parking, a pool and a helipad.

            Named Antillia after a legendary island far to the west near Spain, it is regarded as one of the most extravagant displays of material wealth in India's modern history.

            But the latest developments show that even the best-laid plans of the country's most powerful can come undone, particularly when it comes to property in a country where land title is notoriously fickle and legal challenges to development common.

            With more than half of Mumbai's population living in slums, the plan by Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries and the world's 14th richest man, to build the $500-million home has attracted plenty of criticism.



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              Re : Billionaire Dream

              We all have dreams, and sometimes it's important to remind ourselves that we need to dream.that's the same thing for billionaire also.


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