My 6 years old daughter is very rigid when it comes to listen any fair advice or instruction. she denies that completely and every time you try to start some healthy discussion, she simply cried to the loudest possible sound. ultimately I keep losing calm and misbehave (for a very small fraction of time but my response gets registered). I am not able to find some good ways to shape her. I understand she might improve by the time she grows older but may be the improvement is required from my side and I am missing the link. I live in a joint family where all her needs are well taken care.

Requesting all experience parents to please share your experiences and successes and help me.
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  • Hats off! It felt like reading a book! I hope you are doing really well in your family. I am saying this cautiously, cause I have seen that many people with such sane thoughts come from troubled families, unfortunately :(

    All the best. Thanks for your views!

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  • Thanx for going through that lengthy post fatichar ji.

    My wife was subjected to this enlightenment on the first day of marriage itself!..lol. It was so boring for her unlike what her friends must have told her to expect on first day!...Today, after 8 years of married life, she curses bad influences of modern times more than me & our talk mainly revolves around our & our child's betterment rather than some insane fighting, ego clashes.

    In hindsight I feel it is always wise to truthfully reveal your expectations on first day of marriage itself & be a lifelong guide to your wife. Inner courage to do what is right is what is important. My wife appreciates my courage to say No to her & my child & respects me for being a good husband & a good father. Feels sad that men now-a-days don't understand what a woman really wants in marriage & just give them artificial equality & repent later.
  • Originally Posted by rakesh311
    Thanx for going through that lengthy post fatichar ji.

    My wife.


    New quotes by Chanakya......

    अपने बच्चों को पहले पांच साल तक खूब प्यार करो. छः साल से पंद्रह साल तक कठोर अनुशासन और संस्कार दो .सोलह साल से उनके साथ मित्रवत व्यवहार करो.आपकी संतति ही आपकी सबसे अच्छी मित्र है.
  • now you have to be their buddy right from the start...that ways you gain the respect, teach them good things, understand them better. Every parent will love the kids a lot even when the kids are 50, so not correct that u love till some age only. most imp thing is to spend time with the kid...when he is playing, watching TV, doing homework, drawing, doing anything. You have to be his mentor and friend at that time. Kids want to learn, play, want to have good time...nothing more. Problem these days is that parents are spending less time with kids and kids are influenced by external factors more..like TV etc. then parents complain abt not imbibing their culture etc. For me there is no fixed behavior that works with kids..spend time, understand them. love. play. care and then take the app corrective measure like more love, discipline, punishment etc
  • Please find a post on my Face book..........................................................

    'ओह तेरी की ये आंटी कितनी मस्त आईटम है''

    ये डॉयलॉग किसी किशोर के नहीं बल्की छः साल के बच्चे की है, जो टीवी पे प्रियंका चोपड़ा को देखकर बोल पड़ा।

    दोस्त अपने बच्चे के मुँह से ये सुनकर झेँप गया।

    एक तमाचा आँखे लाल के साथ कटुवचन सुना दिया बेटे को।

    पर क्या कभी किसी ने सोचा है की इसके लिये जिम्मेवार परिस्थितियाँ क्या है??

    बच्चे का मन कोरे कागज की तरह है।

    अच्छी बुरी बाते तिव्र गति से सीखता है और दीमाग में बैठाता है।

    हम आपस की बातचीत में बच्चे को इगनोर कर देते है,

    लेकिन ये ध्यान रखने की जरूरत है कभी बच्चे के सामन व्यस्क मजाक या अश्लील संवाद ना बोले।

    बच्चा चाहे अपना है या पराया,

    है तो अपने समाज का हिस्सा ही।

    किसी के बच्चे के सामने अश्लील अलफाज या गलत मजाक नहीँ करना चाहिये।

    और ना बच्चो के साथ टीवी देखते हुये उनहे कभी इग्नोर करना चाहिये।

    मुझे याद है महाभारत रामायण देख कर बड़ो को प्रणाम करने की आदत पड़ गई थी मुझे।

    लेकिन आज के सिरियल सभ्यता को कहीँ और ले जाते है।

    नई पौध को विषैली होने से बचायें।

    नहीँ तो समाज मेँ प्रदूषण बढ़ेगा।

    और खुद के परिवार का जीना दुभर हो जायेगा ।

    ~~~~~~~~साभार ~~~~~~~~
    Anil B.k. Mishra