Ghar karodon ka hai,

aur tehzeeb kaudiyon ki nahi!

To save ourselves from such embarr-ass-ments, please post the common etiquette and manners that everyone should have.
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  • When someone gives you a free lift in car, sit at the front seat besides him. Sitting on the back seat makes the person look like your driver.

    When you visit any place in a car with a driver, or someone visits you with a driver, take care of his food. Ideally, he should be given food before the guests, although in a separate room.

    When someone asks for something, especially on a dining table, give it to him first. Many people first take the item and then pass on.

    PLEASE FLUSH TOILETS!!! Check whether the flush is working before using it, so as to avoid excuses later.

    Be generous in saying "please" and "thank you".