I am looking to start small business to fund my real estate ambitions, and would like to know how to run a car rentals, is it feasible, profitable and most importantly suggested.

I had been looking at a Tata Winger 2011 and also at many Scorpios and Innovas. Haha, yes of course getting suitable loans and will the revenue be enough to take something home?
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  • You need to talk to someone who is already in this business to learn about the feasibility. There are too many bribes to be paid to sarkari babus including police. Only an experienced person can tell you exactly how much. Bribes will be among your biggest expenses.
  • Thank you for your reply ThePunjabi

    I agree with you regarding operating a travel agency or managing a fleet of cars and putting up with the drivers. I'm clearly aware about my newness to this venture and wont know how to handle both the drivers and the customers, the permits, police tips, lunch and tea allowances and periodic servicing of the cars.

    I was initially look to lease out the cars, like 2 innovas to an already managed fleet for a standard rent. I know it wont fetch much, but it will at least be stable and relatively easy for a beginner.
  • Also, are there any problems with second hand cars, any permits required or government licences?
  • Yes, ofcourse car business can make profitable nowadays in this modern world. Investing in online taxi business could make you profit as there would be a demand for taxis.

    So if you make this service available online by an app then it could help customers to find you easily to book a ride.

    If you are interested to start a taxi business by building an app. Please visit www.unicotaxi.com

  • I believe that this thread won't be that useful now as OLA, Uber and their likes have changed the industry for good :)