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  • No pupy love

    At least 7 pedigreed dogs are found abandoned every week, and 350 every year say animal activists who blame it on the fad for owning expensive canines.It’s akin to abandoning a child that is getting pesky as it grows from infant to young child. Among the so-called fads that the city’s upwardly are taken up by is owning pedigreed, and therefore expensive, dogs.

    Only, the upwardly apparently have neither the patience nor the sensitivity to bring up their pets, with animal activists claiming that at least one pedigreed pet dog is found abandoned every day.

    Recently, residents in Viman Nagar were considering poison to get rid of a dog that was roaming the premises. Animal activists claimed the dog, a Labrador, had been abandoned by its owners — students who had left the city. Only, the Lab couldn’t come to terms with being abandoned and refused to leave the area.

    This act of abandoning pets is in violation of section 11A(i) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1986 and the dog owner can be punished under section 73 of Bombay Police Act. Last week alone, around 15 pedigreed pups were found abandoned, say Blue Cross Society volunteers who add that around 350 such canines are found every year on an average.
    Extract from No puppy love, News - Latest - Pune Mirror,Pune Mirror
    This act of abandoning dogs creates nuisance in the society area.Cruelty of the act is another thing which reflects upon the attitude of those who buy pedigree for showing off and then abandon when they realise the work involved in looking after a dog
    It is a business for many to breed dogs and sell them.A pug costs around Rs 15000.
    Society management can play a big role in controlling such urges of dog owners.
    Tenants with dogs should be carefully vetted and when they leave also see that they have shifted out with the dog.
    The dog breeding business itself is of greed and cruelty.Dogs are used till the time they can breed and then abandoned on the road.Those who buy pedigree dogs should be aware of the cruelty involved in the business by many, if not most dog breeders.
    People should be more responsible towards society and not keep animals if they cannot devote time and money towards the animal.Dogs need to be sterilised,vaccinated and kept clean.
    Societies can play a role in controlling dog menace by keeping their garbage area clean and not allow waste food to be dumped in the open.
    Overall the people need to be more humane and considerate towards animals.
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    Re : No pupy love

    I heard that people eating Dogs in


    Is it true??? ----

    And in India we have in bulk..............


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      Re : No pupy love

      True.Dogs are a part of the menu in some countries.But even in such countries a segment of people have started to keep dogs as pets and it is reducing consumption of dog meat.
      China is one nation where all sorts of cruelties are inflicted on animals.Bears are milked cruelly for bile,dogs/cats for their meat and tigers are farmed for their bones and other body parts which they assume gives them the power of a tiger and is a miracle cure for illness.
      Philippines is famous for its love of ivory which encourages poaching of African elephants.
      International pressure can only stop such commercial cruelty.


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        Re : No pupy love

        Couple changes house, 13 pets left homeless.

        Animal lovers occupying a house in NCL Compound sheltered strays for a decade. They ditched 5 dogs and 8 cats with no alternate arrangements; volunteers trying to find them new homes.It has been three days since five dogs and eight cats have been stranded in the garden of a house in NCL Compound on Pashan Road. They were callously left behind on July 2 by the occupants of the house — a couple — who spent a decade giving shelter to stray cats and dogs.

        Not only that, despite being given a month’s pay to care for these animals, the dog walker abandoned some of these dogs near Baner phata, only the poor canines somehow traced their way back. “The couple must have taken the animals in because people do not like strays on the street and sometimes poison or abuse them. They took care of them at their own expense.

        The above is an extract for Pune Mirror:Couple changes house, 13 pets left homeless, News - City - Pune Mirror,Pune Mirror
        It is indeed sad that educated people behave like this.
        How we treat animals is an indication of the character of a person.One who is harsh with animals may be equally harsh with his elders who become helpless due to age/disease etc.
        If the 100000+ members of the forum take direct action to treat animals humanely it will make a world of difference.
        Instead of spending Rs1000 on a move cum outing,once in way we donate that type of amount to animal NGOs,it will help control the dog population in our cities.


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          Re : No pupy love

          There is no words to explain, what's going on in my head after reading the posts of this thread...

          People showing their concern about animals than humans..
          Come on guys, in overly populous country like India, do we even respect Humans??
          Animal care/ respect is secondary, firstly we need to learn to respect humans. Though, IMO its not our fault, its the fault of our great grand ancestors who produces like animals (without using their head) and today this land of saints becomes the land of rapist, terrorists and hooligans. Once a mineral rich land, now we are dependent for every single commodity.

          and BTW people advocating Animal rights, put the hand on their heart and ask "How tasty the chicken was, which you ate last week". Come on guys, these are all double standards, those fish, chicken, lambs, crabs etc etc etc are all animals, when you are killing them for the sake of your tongue/ taste, aren't they need to be respected???

          In simple words, learn to respect humans (which i am sure, we can't), respect for animals comes automatically.

          PS: If you have Rs. 10, you should be knowing the value of Rs 1. If you have Rs. 10000, you won't be knowing the real value of Rs 1. Same way Indians can't respect humans coz we have it in huge numbers.. Courtesy OUR ANCESTORS.

          Baki duniya mein bade ajeeb ajeeb countries hain, Like only country where its legal to kill and eat the meat of their own national animal (Kangaroo) is Australia. Can you believe this????
          In some restaurants you will find crocodile meat too, and that's purely legal.
          In short, we humans are worst specie, kisi ko bhi nahi chorte...

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            Re : No pupy love

            WE can try and change for the better.Our ancient scriptures speak of compassion to animals. As a matter of fact,compassion towards animals is one of the highest virtues of a human being.,Let uus try and make a change.
            Biggest challenge faced by our nation is the huge population which expands every year. Our leaders see the huge population as vote bank.Slum colonies are given water connections,electricty connections on the basis of votes.Nation ought to think and change in many ways for the better
            This quopte from Mahabharat is relevant:Abstention from cruelty is the highest Religion. Abstention from cruelty is the greatest self-restraint. Abstention from cruelty is the highest gift. Abstention from cruelty is the highest penance. Abstention from cruelty is the highest sacrifice. Abstention from cruelty is the highest power. Abstention from cruelty is the greatest friend. Abstention from cruelty is the greatest happiness.
            The nation really needs to change for the better to a more compassionate and egalitarian society.
            PSVeganism is also catching up in India.
            Veganism is concept where no animal products is used in daily life.Small numbers of such people are there in many parts of India and in foregin countries the concept has really caught on in bigger numbers.
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              Re : No pupy love

              Article Window
              The law on animals in a CHS is well in place but many pet owners face collective bullying in societies, leaving them defenceless, sometimes even isolated and forced to concede. Statistics and 'incidence of dog-bites and consequent deaths' aside, the main cause of the problem with pets and pet owners has been the absence of clear-cut directives for the same. In response to a record number of complaints in this regard, the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) chairman major general (Retd) Dr RM Kharb issued a detailed circular last month to address a range of issues. Issued in place of an earlier circular dated February 1, 2014 that stood withdrawn, the one issued on February 20, 2014, seeks to supplement what was earlier issued and to add to it. The board of legal members and lawyers deliberated on various aspects concerning pet dogs and street dogs, to examine the correct legal position.
              It reads, "It is well-known that in the recent times, RWAs, apartment owners' associations, cooperative group housing societies and other gated complexes, have taken to imposing many unreasonable restrictions on pet-owning residents such as disallowing the use of lifts or parks by pets, or even banning pets altogether. They are also known to frequently encourage mistreatment, dislocation and dumping of street dogs." The circular also acknowledged that compassionate people who wish to tend to and feed street dogs, are often discouraged and pressurised to refrain from doing so. There is widespread resentment against these moves, which apart from being unreasonable, is also unlawful and against recent court rulings.
              RWAs or apartment owner's associations, cooperative group housing societies, gated complexes etc., often get a series of complaints regarding street dogs. There are requests that street dogs be driven away through physical intervention by security guards or members themselves and/or just dumped elsewhere. "If you accede to these requests, you will not only be violating laws and pronouncements of the courts but will not achieve any permanent solution either. The problem will become perennial and you will also antagonise animal welfare people who are increasing in number by the day and organising themselves into well-organised groups," says the AWBI chairman.
              The circular also goes on to set out some dos and don'ts with respect to pet dogs and street dogs. With regards to pet dogs which are usually targeted by society members who would promptly 'legislate' in general body meetings and pass resolutions banning pets and controlling their behaviour, the circular says:
              Even by obtaining consensus or even if a majority of the residents want it, one cannot legally introduce any sort of 'ban' on the keeping of pet dogs by residents. Nobody can insist that 'small-sized' dogs are acceptable and 'large-sized' dogs are not. No member or committee can cite barking as a valid and compelling reason for any ban sought to be introduced.
              Members cannot do it even by amending bylaws or regulations and as such a 'ban' cannot be put into place since it is illegal and does not have the sanction of the law. In fact, in trying to 'ban' pets, or limit their number, you interfere with a fundamental freedom, guaranteed to the citizens of India i.e. the freedom to choose the life they wish to live, which includes facets such as living with or without the companionship of animals.
              If the resident with pet/s does not violate any civic or other laws, nobody in the society has the right to object. The general body cannot frame or amend bylaws that are at variance with the laws of the country. Even by a complete majority, a general body cannot adopt an illegality. No one has the right to legislate and 'lay down law' for residents and apartment owners or even tenants.
              With regard to a common scourge for pet-owners, the use of lifts by pets, AWBI has laid down that there are court rulings to the effect that pets cannot be disallowed from the use of lifts by pets. A court has, in fact, known to have observed that 'dogs are family' and can use lifts for free. One has to ensure that this kind of a restriction is, therefore, not imposed in the form of either a ban or any special charges for the use of lifts by pets.
              With regards to the use of parks by pets, AWBI says, "Banning pets from garden or parks is short-sighted. Firstly, you may or may not own the garden or park in question. Secondly, pets that are not properly exercised may show aggression in frustration and that surely, cannot contribute to the benefit of the residents. It may be better to fix timings when pets can be walked without causing inconvenience to other residents. These timings can then be intimated to the general body." Where the use of leashes/muzzles by pet owners, defecation by pets in community premises, imposition of fines and other similar measures is concerned, a member may request pet-owners to keep their pets on leash when walking them in common areas. One cannot, however, insist on the use of muzzles. The law already provides for penalties for negligent pet owners, which the aggrieved parties can avail of.
              AIWA has even clarified on the issue of cleaning of pet excreta by pet owners. "In the absence of central or state laws requiring cleaning of pet excreta by pet owners, one cannot impose any rule regulating bylaws with respect to mandatory cleaning of the same or impose special charges or fines on pet owners." Members could experiment with the creation of various pet defecation areas within community premises. These can be imaginatively spaced out within the precincts and one may request petowners to train their pets using the same. Nobody can however, impose fines and special charges of any kind on pet owners because there is no mandate in the law for the same.
              If at all any association succeeds in intimidating a pet owner into 'giving up' or 'abandoning' a pet, it will actually have abetted violating the law and may well be aggravating the menace of ownerless animals on the street, that are not accustomed to living on the streets and, therefore, get involved in and lead to accidents, injuries and deaths. Intimidation is an offence in law.
              The board has, interestingly, also created a series of guidelines with respect to street dogs. AWBI has maintained that beating and driving away street dogs is not permitted by law, and street dogs may be taken away temporarily for animal birth control but have to be released back into same locality/territory by law. By law, stray dogs cannot be beaten, driven away or dumped elsewhere or killed. They can merely be sterilised in the manner envisaged in the animal birth control (dogs) rules, 2001, vaccinated and then returned back to their original location. For area-wise sterilisation programmes so that the law mandates be followed, dogs have to be returned back to their original habitat after sterilisation and immunisation.
              There is a reason for the release of street dogs back into the same locality/territory after sterilisation and vaccination. Dogs being territorial by nature, tend to fight off other dogs and keep them from entering their territories and this way the canine population in each locale stabilises. It may be realised that there is no law that prohibits feeding street dogs inside or outside community premises and gated complexes. Citizens who choose to do so are in fact performing a duty cast upon them by the Constitution of India - of showing compassion to all living creatures. Various courts, including high courts, have upheld street dogs feeding since the same reduces human-animal conflict and suspicion and facilitates animal birth control (by making dog catching easier). Under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act and Section 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code, animal cruelty is a punishable offence that could fetch imprisonment and fine. Also, any attempt to interfere with or harass people who want to tend to and feed community dogs, may tantamount to the offence of criminal intimidation.
              "Last but not the least: any aggression or hostility that the dogs may be subjected to, will only render them aggressive and hostile to humans. They may then resort to snapping and biting in self-defence. If the same happens, the human aggressors shall be the only ones to blame," says the AWBI chairman.


              Full article is reproduced for reference,since stray dogs have been a contentious isue in many places.
              In our busy lives,we have no time for animals and seek short term solutions to animal problems.Animals are voiceless,have not votes and get badly treated.
              Our conscience shuld be the guide to way we deal with them.
              Humane and coinsiderate dealing s will enhance our moral stature and help dealing with this problem.
              All credit for article to
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                Re : No pupy love

                It is job of NAGAR NIGAMS to sterilize and vaccinate the stray dogs.How many municipalities are performing these tasks?
                Dil Jawan Hai To Jahan Hai


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                  Re : No pupy love

                  Residents need to pressurise corporators,munciplaities to do the job of sterilisation.
                  But we take short cuts,pick up the dog and live it in some other area so that we are comfortable and trouble is given to someonelse..
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                    Re : No pupy love

                    It is not only the stray dogs which are causing nuisance,stray cattle and monkeys is a big problem these days. Municipalities are silent on these issues.
                    Dil Jawan Hai To Jahan Hai


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