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Paying for Good Infrastructure


Paying for Good Infrastructure

Last updated: April 10 2014
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  • Paying for Good Infrastructure
    ExtractThis is the most sophisticated car parking facility of scale that I have seen in India. It has 11 levels with 8 levels of car parking, 2 levels of commercial space and the basement is a parking bay to drop off and collect your car. The commercial space is where the University of Chicago and other offices are located.
    here comes the sad part. The car park is hardly used by people in Delhi! Owners and drivers prefer to park on the road, possibly paying a higher rate or parking for free and blocking traffic, while their cars get heated up under the sun. What a shame. When I went there once I asked my driver to park in the car park and he was amazed at the cost and the experience. I asked him why he had not gone there before and he said that he wasn’t aware of the car park

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    My view
    Lack of awareness is one aspect.Lack of civic sense is the main thing which needs to be curbed.
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    Re : Paying for Good Infrastructure

    Lack of civic sense is the major problem in India.everybody goes for a short cut.
    Dil Jawan Hai To Jahan Hai


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