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Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs


Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

Last updated: March 31 2015
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    Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

    UP transport minister takes family along for a foreign study tour -

    India will develop when our leaders stop this free booting culture.
    Wives have no place in such tours paid by the Government.
    How did the accounts department buy tickets for family(if the family had travelled at Govt expense)


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      Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

      Amid Telangana Farmer Suicides, Lawmakers Seek A Raise


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        Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

        Many MPs, netas occupying Delhi’s ministerial bungalows - The Times of India
        Responding to the court's notice, solicitor general Ranjit Kumar submitted a list of allottees, most of whom were ministers in the Manmohan Singh government. All of them, who had resigned from the council of ministers in 2012 or 2013, were allowed to retain ministerial bungalow

        RJD chief Lalu Prasad, who was disqualified as MP following his conviction in the fodder scam case, continues to occupy a Type-8 bungalow at 25, Tughlaq Road, ostensibly to get treatment in AIIMS and facilitate education of his grandchildren.

        Buta Singh, who does not hold any constitutional post and is not an elected member, continues to overstay in a Type-7 bungalow at 11A, Teen Murti Marg. The Centre had referred the case to litigation division in urban development ministry for initiation of eviction proceedings.

        In 2004, Singh, while being Bihar governor, had occupied a government bungalow in Delhi. The SC had ordered the government to "throw him out" of the Delhi bungalow.

        Agatha Sangma, who resigned from the council of ministers in October 2012, continues to live in the Type-7 bungalow at 36, Aurangzeb Road, allotment of which was cancelled on June 19 this year. "She has requested to regularize this bungalow in the name of her father P A Sangma, who is a Lok Sabha MP. The file is under submission," the government said.

        Those who resigned from the Manmohan Singh-led council of ministers yet continue to occupy ministerial bungalows are Sudip Bandopadhyay, Sultan Ahmed, Sugata Roy, Sisir Adhikari, C M Jatua, Dinesh Trivedi and Vincent Pala.

        Two other cases of private citizens occupying ministerial bungalows have also come to light. Former PM P V Narasimha Rao's son P V Prabhakar Rao has been in occupation of a Type-6 bungalow at 6A, Telegraph Lane from 2006 on the ground that he wanted to "keep the belongings and memorabilia of the late PM".

        Saroja Kumari, widow of former minister Arjun Singh who passed away in March 2011, continues to occupy a Type-7 bungalow on the ground of her treatment in AIIMS.

        "The request was considered by the then minister of urban development and given her genuine and compelling circumstances, it was decided to take the matter to the Cabinet Committee for Accommodation for allowing her further retention of bungalow at 1, Canning Lane, on payment of normal rate of licence fee (paid by ministers and MPs). CCA has allowed retention up to September 2, 2016," the Centre said.

        Amicus curiae and senior advocate Meenakshi Arora told a bench of Chief Justice H L Dattu and Justice A K Sikri that allotment of ministerial bungalows to private citizens militated against the rules as well as the scarcity of bungalows for government officials.

        The bench asked solicitor general Ranjit Kumar to give details of the number of Type-6, 7 and 8 bungalows in Lutyens' Delhi and how many of them were allotted from the discretionary quota, which was limited to 5% of the total number by the SC in its judgment in Shiv Sagar Tiwari case in 1994. The court also wanted to know how many were overstaying in these bungalows.

        While Arjun Singh's widow was allowed to retain the Type-7 bungalow on payment of nominal licence fee, former Delhi Police commissioner Neeraj Kumar has been allowed to retain a Type-V house on the ground of serious illness of his wife on payment of six times the normal licence fee.

        My view;
        The leadership displayed by these people is of the lowest quality.Self before service,duty and responsibility is clearly evident in their attitudes.
        They want to enjoy free perks and privileges life long.
        No wonder our government finances are always on lower side and Government wants to increase tax on every occassion to fund this life style.
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          Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

          What MPs want: Companion tickets, loans, phones in their wish list - Hindustan Times
          The best profession to be in.
          No wonder everyone heads for this lucrative line.


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            Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

            Political parties are united across the spectrum in -pay hikes,foreign tours,privileges and now in keeping out of RTI
            17 months on, political parties ignore RTI ruling - The Hindu
            They barring AAP want to keep their party a/c s secret.
            How they can even think of such things in an era of transparency.
            A further example of avoidable demands:
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              Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

              Jammu and Kashmir government smothers Farooq Abdullah's Rs 113 crore scam | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
              An open-and-shut case of embezzlement to the tune of Rs 113 crore has been left hanging in Jammu and Kashmir for the last two years.

              Investigators have proved the prima facie involvement of former Union minister and patron of ruling National Conference Dr Farooq Abdullah in the murky dealings of the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA). And then, the probe slowed down.

              Documents accessed by dna show Dr Abdullah, along with nine JKCA office-bearers, are offenders under Sections 406, 168 and 120-B of the RPC for making the sports body a lending agency and for operating many bogus accounts.

              The documents narrate a tale of pilfering public money to make up the lavish lifestyles of the members of the association, while cricketers and coaches recount tales of sufferings for want of money and sports infrastructure.

              Investigators told dna that once the name of Dr. Abdullah cropped up as accused number 5 in the FIR No. 27/2012, they were specifically told to go slow. In fact, even the FIR was kept confidential.
              Fearing the scam, chief minister Omar Abdullah, son of Dr Farooq Abdullah, attempted to botch up investigation and went slow on granting permission for custodial interrogations of the accused.

              An official involved in the probe said while two accused even secured anticipatory bail from the Srinagar sessions court, it was deliberately not challenged in a higher court.

              This was done to delay investigations, since if a single accused is imprisoned, the police will be legally-bound to file charges within 60 days of his arrest.

              "Even now, there is no move to file a charge sheet in a court of law," investigators say.

              An overview of the bank details since Dr Abdullah became president on October 14, 2001, suggests that the JKCA has opened 18 bogus bank accounts, which don't find mention in the records and annual statements.

              Twelve accounts were opened in the Khanyar branch in Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir Bank and six accounts in the Cargo branch.

              Investigators also found an account in the Centurion Bank of Punjab in Jammu (later merged with HDFC Bank) in the personal name of one Ramesh Mahajan, with the address of the cricket association office in Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.

              Around Rs 20 lakh has been swindled through this account, with no explanation coming from office-bearers. JKCA treasurer Ahsan Mirza also opened an account in the bank, transacted Rs 4.6 crore upto 2009 and closed it subsequently.

              JKCA, under Dr Abdullah, also distributed money as loans to 50 individuals, mostly its own members and some companies. This includes Rs. 58.91 lakh to -treasurer Ashutosh Sharma, Rs 13.3 lakh to top bureaucrat Mehbob Iqbal (currently contesting assembly elections from a PDP ticket), and Rs 50 lakh to current treasurer Manzoor Wazir and others.

              The office-bearers also allowed defaulters to retain the amount for years together, advanced during previous years, and even after their leaving the association.

              Hotelier Manzoor Gaznafar and Mirza, both former treasurers, and two other office-bearers were given loans worth Rs 4.05 crore, with acknowledgements off the records.

              Police say the money trail could not be traced because they were not allowed custodial interrogation of Dr Farooq Abdullah and other members of the association.

              Gaznafar told police that he had invested the money he got from JKCA in a business in Rajasthan in partnership with ex-treasurer Ahsam Ahmad Mirza, a close confidante of Dr. Abdullah.

              There has been no move to inquire the nature of business and trail of money, leading to apprehensions that money could have been used for political activities of a regional party.

              Curiously, the police also found two parallel balance sheets by the JKCA and authenticated by Chartered Account firm Gullani and Majid.

              In the balance sheet of 2009-10, JKCA accounts in two branches of J&K Bank and one in SBI find no mention.

              While JKCA claims it has spent Rs 5.53 crore in building infrastructure at Science College, Jammu, and SK Cricket Stadium, Srinagar, investigators say, at first look, the expenditure doesn't match the ground picture.

              Their request to the government for an expert from the construction division to authenticate the expenditures fell on deaf ears.

              "It has come to fore that frequent withdrawal of huge amounts of cash from banks has taken place instead of making payments through cheques as a means to watch cash flow/payments," documents authenticated by the probe team say.

              Though Rs 1.9 crore was availed by Mirza under the orders of Farooq Abdullah, the accounts/balance sheets don't reveal show it.

              Such was Mirza's grip on officer-bearers that even after leaving the office of treasurer, he still controlled financial matters and didn't hand over bank records and other documents to the new treasurer. A JKCA in-house committee questioned this.

              When contacted, Dr Abdullah's office said he was unable to speak as he was indisposed and recuperating in a London hospital. However, they sent a copy of statement Dr. Abdullah had given to the police.

              Dr Abdullah's office said he was unable to speak as he was indisposed and recuperating in a London hospital.

              While admitting that the office-bearers might have misled him while preparing the documents, Dr Abdullah defended the amount handed over to Mirza, saying he was actually repaying the loan Mirza had lend to JKCA to meet its daily expenses in 2007, when its accounts were frozen by the court.
              My view;
              Tragedy of the nation .The high and mighty are shielding corruption and indulging in corruption directly also as per news reports.


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                Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

                Lalu Yadav Does Not Plan To Go Quietly From Government Bungalow
                Well what can one say???


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                  Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

                  No doubt they want a fatter pay check.
                  How seriously they use their time when serious subjects are being discussed is now well known.
                  Previously some ministers were found watching adult images while in assembly
                  Now some MLAs were busy playing games and some gentleman was busy zeroing on to the image of a lady.
                  I must say they definitely need pay increase and counselling from doctors.
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                    Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

                    'Polls, parties major sources of black money' | Business Standard News


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                      Re : Soon, a 75% hike in monthly pension for ex-MPs

                      Karnataka legislators get 75 % salary hike - The Times of India
                      For this huge increase both opposition and ruling party members are always united.
                      An independent board should be constituted for increasing pay of MLA/MP category.Power to legislate increases for self benefit should be given to this board which should conduct its proceedings in open manner.
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                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?