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Last updated: January 7 2015
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  • or AV Immigration Pvt Ltd. Scam

    Posting on request of a friend.

    This immigration visa provider is a grade one scammer.

    • They lure you in by handing over a confidential report to you which would say that you would easily get the immigration.
    • They take full payment in advance and once they get the payment, they will not even talk to you on the phone properly.
    • Then when you ask for a refund, they will cite a clause in their one sided agreement that you will not get a refund if you go for voluntary withdrawal.
    • Their sales staff is very sweet and smooth talkers but their actual case officers are no one but unemployed youths who can only file documents online. Their knowledge is very limited and you will be the one reading online and guiding them.
    Stay miles away from this provider and save your money.
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