Dear fellow members,

I received the below invitation and am posting here for greater benefit. I am not based in India and hence unfortunately cannot be a participant in the walk but maybe this will find common cause in some of our fellow IREF members.

Thanks and all the best. Let us join hands.


On 18 Dec, 15 Indians will start walking. From Kanyakumari to New Delhi. A journey of 5000 kms.
In a bid to start a process of reflection and action...of fighting Corruption through individual action.
Because there is no such thing as "system", only people.
Because there is no such thing as "society", only you, me and others like us.
If we strive, we can bring about the change in ourselves and in our country.
So take a step and join us. Full details of this walk are here:!/events/240877249313523/

Join us in any of the stretches of the walk or in any of the events we are doing in the major cities. There is a map on the site which has more details. Please spread the word and take the pledge.
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  • I forgot to express my apologies as the thread has got nothing to do with RE as such so I might have treaded possibly on the 'out of rules periphery'.

    But then, considering the way corruption is deep rooted in our country, economy, society, and by logical extension (or by logical inversion) in ourselves. RE, alas, is definitely not much further from corruption.

    God bless.