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Privileges of being MP/MLA


Privileges of being MP/MLA

Last updated: March 29 2014
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  • Privileges of being MP/MLA

    30 Karnataka MLAs will take off on Amazon safari - The Times of India
    Thirty Karnataka MLAs are heading for the Amazon rain forests to apparently understand its flora and fauna. Besides taking an expensive holiday, they hope to replicate the ecosytem in the state.

    That's not the only purpose of this South American junket to Argentina, Brazil and Peru. They will also "study the waterfalls in the Amazon forests and sporting activity", most likely Brazil's famed football matches. The study tour will cost the state exchequer Rs 2.25 crore.
    Meira Kumar gets to keep father's bungalow for 25 years - The Times of India

    During BJP's rule, when the state was reeling under a drought, 14 MLAs had gone on a junket to South America in August 2012. No study report was filed after they returned. Congress MLA BC Patil had taken exception to the flak their tour had received. "Why shouldn't we go on a junket? Are we committing a theft or dacoity? It's our privilege as legislators," he had maintained.
    Sad for the common man tht such decsions are taken.
    The money spent for "study" tour could have been used for afforestation,building toilets or repairing leaking water pipelines.
    To this question:
    Are we committing a theft or dacoity?
    It is diversion of public resources when you have half of the women in rural India have to walk up to 5km every day to fetch potable water.
    Your conscience should prick-I enjoy samba dance while women folk are walking 5 KM for drinking water? After all our MPs/MLAs came into office promising to serve people and not themselves and for enjoying foreign tours.
    I respect the political system for bringing India so far,but now we need to look at shortcomings and improve.Political leaders should not fail in bringing up the poor and rural areas.
    Politicians will well do to remember that as a ruling class they have nearly 1.5 billion members in their family.
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    Re : Privileges of being MP/MLA

    Adarsh scam: Babus face departmental inquiry - The Times of India
    In the wake of strong reactions to the state cabinet's rejection of the Adarsh panel report, the state government is likely to hold a departmental probe against the bureaucrats held guilty of giving clearances for quid pro quo and those indicted for violating service conduct rules.

    The state may also ask the income-tax department to initiate criminal proceedings against owners of benami flats in the 31-storey Colaba tower.

    Strangely, even a week after the findings of the panel report became public, there is no word on any action against the seven politicians indicted by the judicial commission.
    My view
    Honest babus can be check on wrong doings,but unfortunately they join hands and enjoy,but always face the risk of being prosecuted by law when things become hot
    When things get hot,babus are sacrificial goats.
    Why our babus fall for lucre and position?
    Sad to see steel frame being rusted and creaky in their work.


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      Re : Privileges of being MP/MLA

      CM hints at putting foreign junkets on hold - The Times of India

      These gentlemen need to remember that millions of Indians are in abject poverty and money needs to be used to pull them up from this poverty and make them productive citizens of India.foreign tours are a waste and a ego trip for our law makers.


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        Re : Privileges of being MP/MLA

        Karnataka MLAs on global study tours 'copying reports' from internet : India, News - India Today
        From wasting money to plagiarism.What a shameful episode?
        They really have no concern for drought or citizens plight..


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          Re : Privileges of being MP/MLA

          Suffering of riot victims and such events do not inhibit our legislators from enhancing their knowledge level.Study tours are really an effective method where our learned MLAs become more learned.
          Keeping education and to learn how European countries are managing their affairs set of UP MLAs are going for a badly needed study tour and they can apply the knowledge by first hand experience.


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            Re : Privileges of being MP/MLA

            Tamil Nadu minister gets passport in one day, PIL filed in Madras high court says.Call it promptness or prejudice -- regional passport authorities in Chennai issued a tatkal passport to an applicant in a day. The application bearing file number MAS061473086712 was filed on July 4, 2012, and a passport bearing a number K-4247965 was issued to the applicant the next day.

            That the applicant is a state minister and the matter has now been dragged to the Madras high court is another matter.
            Source: Times of India

            How I wish the passport authorities were so efficient with common man also.


            Have any questions or thoughts about this?