Hi, Does all parties which play minority appeasment card have the right to do end less corruption with out being responsible, do goondaism without doing anything worthy for minorities?

Why so much divide between moinority and majority when evenone needs development/growth.It is painful to see even new parties approaching communal fanatics from minorites for political gains.
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  • The reason is very simple - the so-called minority community votes along religious line.

    There is no pan-Indian hindu identity. Rather, it is divided into castes and regions. So, India is a country of minorities where the so-called 'minority community' is the biggest, organized and most powerful group. All political parties try to woo them.
  • Very recently, AAP member and comedian Kumar Vishwas apologized to Muslims for cracking jokes about their practices but didn’t do so for insulting Hindu deities. Either one ought to take a stand in favour of good humour, irrespective of the religious sentiments of people in any and every community, or one should apologize to all, but this one-sidedness reflects a travesty.

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    And the recent statement from AAP of "Communalism and not Corruption is the biggest enemy of India" has shown that vote bank politics can make anyone shameless.