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How a criminal candidate means you get a 5 year term


How a criminal candidate means you get a 5 year term

Last updated: April 6 2014
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  • How a criminal candidate means you get a 5 year term
    In the context of the crucial elections,this article needs to be read by all of us.This is important as we exercise our franchise soon.
    Some points from article are reproduced below :
    While there are some sensible and capable people, there are also 30% or 162 of the sitting MPs elected in 2009 with criminal charges.14% or 76 with serious criminal cases including murder related cases, financial fraud and crimes which on conviction would lead to imprisonment of 5 years or more. All the older major parties without exception have such MPs.
    From a citizens point of view it is absolutely unacceptable.A person cannot get the job of a peon,if he has criminl charges against him.He may not even get a passport if such charges are ther,but we elect him to make laws.

    Various estimates put the total spending by candidates in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections to Rs.20, 000 crore or more.
    Where does this money come from??
    The whole series of articles in ADR need to be read by all of us who want a good government.
    Citizen this is your moment to choose a government of your choice.Make the right choice and enjoy next 5 years.
    The author has really put in hard effort to compile all these facts to educate us.Good effort by author.
    My views in bold.
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