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Top 10 Reasons to Vote - Indian General Elections 2014


Top 10 Reasons to Vote - Indian General Elections 2014

Last updated: October 9 2014
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  • Top 10 Reasons to Vote - Indian General Elections 2014

    Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Vote!

    10. VOTE, to not let others decide for you
    9. VOTE, because your vote counts
    8. VOTE, for getting the feel of a responsible citizen
    7. VOTE, as it’s free, anonymous, easy and fun!
    6. VOTE, so you can complain later!
    5. VOTE, as you care about your future
    4. VOTE, as you care about your security
    3. VOTE, as it is your duty
    2. VOTE, because your money is at stake!
    1. VOTE, to choose your national brand

    Voting in the 2014 election begins on April 7. More than 814 million people — a number larger than the population of Europe — will be eligible to vote in the world’s biggest democratic exercise. Voting will be held in nine stages, which will be staggered until May 12, and results are due to be announced on May 16.

    The 'right to vote' comes with a huge responsibility. One has to use this right with a lot of caution. If we fail to elect our representatives properly then the next five years would be our turn to get cheated. One has to vote without taking into consideration factors like caste, religion or region. In the context of choosing ideal candidates who would form a government, it is rightly said 'one gets the government one deserves'. If we do not exercise our right to vote cautiously then citizens should be ready to be governed by a callous lot leaving the society in an anarchic state.

    If India truly wants to become a developed nation and drop the tag of a 'third world' or a 'developing nation', citizens need to choose a leader who promises and delivers clean and transparent governance with a people-centric approach. The leader we choose must be able to unleash our potential and utilize resources leading the nation on the path of development.

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    Re : Top 10 Reasons to Vote - Indian General Elections 2014

    Vote for clean candidates-no taint,no bigotry, no clannishness.
    Vote to create democratic change
    Your vote is your birthright-do not compromise on your choice.
    Vote to register your presence.
    Every vote makes a difference.
    If you do not cast your vote-you have failed as a citizen.


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      Re : Top 10 Reasons to Vote - Indian General Elections 2014

      Voters Beware: The Voter list is cooked up. Your names are misspelled to ensure that the educated youth does not vote. they are missinformed by local coporate booths, that their name is not in the list by searching in phony softwared cooked up data. Names are misspelled, so that they donot find their name easily without atleast spending 2-3 hrs

      This is how our Great democracy works. Look at the level to which the data is forged and the countryman is given the placebo of Democracy. IT is introduced, but enough loopholes are left, such that the system becomes misinformation rather than information.

      I submitted mine and my spouse's form6 filled legibly. Have spent at least 20 hours of running here and there, collecting the info from net etc. Yet, the bloody rotten system tries its best to keep an educated youth from voting.

      PAT.. - Last name they change it to PARTH

      ARPITA ..... - They change it APRTIA and suffix my misspelled last name. No where I had instructed them to add my last name to my wifes. they should have used her name as it is .

      I am not the only one. All my friends have faced the same issue. In most cases, they cook up the second/third letter of First/Last name.

      for Maharashtra use the URL:
      Search Engine

      All Parties are corrupt to the core. Existing system is rotten to the core. Corrupt politico-bureaucrat-Corporates rules India. Media is bought up controlled to spread the message the corrupt corporates have endorsed. If this time it is Congress. Next time it is BJP and so on.
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        Re : Top 10 Reasons to Vote - Indian General Elections 2014

        To keep out such party hoppers:Assembly polls: 5 things you need to know about ‘turncoat’ Shilpa Verma -
        and out in four months time.
        NOTA is best weapon for such fast moving candidates.


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