The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has decided to allot a Universal Account Number (UAN) to all members of the Organisation. To start with, UAN has been already provided to members presently contributing to the fund. Employers can now download the list of UAN numbers and provide it to their employees by accessing the "UAN download list" in the Employer UAN Portal. This will facilitate online submission of transfer claims by members with an objective to make the transfer transparent, efficient and comfortable for employees. So to summarize You need UAN for quick and easy online transfer of EPF.

Universal Account number or PF number portability has been implemented by the organization. But do you know the status of your UAN—whether it has been allocated or not ? Your employer must give you the universal account number as soon as it gets from the EPFO. You can go and ask to the employer for your UAN. But before going to HR department, please do check the UAN status online from the EPFO portal.

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Know your Universal Account Number(UAN) Status Of EPF (Employee Provident Fund) | Reckon Talk
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    EPFO unveils mobile app, handset-based services - The Economic Times

    NEW DELHI: Retirement fund body EPFO today launched a mobile application and other phone-based services like accessing PF account details for its over 3.54 crore subscribers, 49.22 lakh pensioners and 6.1 lakh employers.

    These mobile-based services were launched by Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya on the eve of the 208th meeting of the Central Board of Trustees held today in Hyderabad, the Labour Ministry said in a release here.

    The three new mobile-based services meant for EPF members are a Mobile Application, SMS-based Universal Account Number Activation and a Missed Call service.

    Once the new mobile application from the EPFO website is downloaded, the members would be able to activate their UAN accounts from their mobile phones and can also access their accounts to view monthly credits and details available with EPFO.

    Similarly, EPF pensioners have been given the option to access their pension disbursement details through this mobile app. Likewise, the employer can also view remittance details.

    A new SMS-based UAN activation service was also launched, which enables members to activate their accounts by sending an SMS to 7738299899.

    Once UAN is activated, the member becomes eligible for all services under the programme such as credit alerts, passbooks and the like. This new service is helpful mainly to those members who may not have easy access to computers or smartphones.

    EPFO already has in place a Short Code SMS service, which helps members get their details along with contribution and PF balance through an SMS to 7738299899.

    As an extension to this service, a missed call at 011 22901406 - at no cost to the member - will fetch the user all the required details. As this facility is available only to UAN members, the activation is expected to pick up.

    Dattatreya said these services will benefit nearly 3.54 crore contributing members, 49.22 lakh pensioners and 6.1 lakh employers.

    A total of nearly 1.80 crore UAN are activated, 58.72 lakh UAN seeded with Aadhaar and 1.82 crore UAN seeded with bank accounts, he added.

    In the Hyderabad region, nearly 16.46 lakh contributing members, 1.26 lakh pensioners and 21,817 employers can avail of these facilities.

    The government, Dattatreya said, is committed to creating an environment conducive to creation of jobs at every level.

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