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Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?


Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

Last updated: October 18 2012
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  • Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

    Dear responsible citizens of the Nation,

    I wish to know how opinion of people has changed about the Anna movement since the Ram leela maidaan fast.
    Have been supporting always
    Never supported
    Supported then, but not now
    Didn't support then, but now I do
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    Re : Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

    I have been supporting Anna since I know him. Though I have some reservations about his Team Members.
    Never supported Baba Ramdev though.


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      Re : Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

      Always Against Corruption.....


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        Re : Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

        We all are against corruption..but ye to bhookey bureaucrats baithey huey hain...IAS/PCS/ Politicians .and eating crores who is watching over them. I feel all public works department ppl, municipalities, development authorities..we should give them "daan" as they will eat up our CRORE from our Tax money.
        Common public doesn't even come to now about them and can't do them.

        As an example, Charan Singh govt..
        graph shows cooperation and hostile links. Who is going to break this?
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          Re : Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

          dost saare bhooke IAS IPS nahi hain.
          maine aise bahut se IAS IPS etc ko janta hoon jo ek paisa bhi nahi khate. infact ek SDM to aisa hai jo apni kamayi bhi daan deta hai. lekin afsos unme se koi bhi ek place pe 6 month bhi nahi ruk pate transfer order bahut jaldi issue ho jate hain


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            Re : Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

            "Supported then, but not now"

            ye option choose karne wale bhailog,

            could you share the reasons?


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              Re : Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

              Anna is not good for RE Investors , Good for Real END USERS & AAM JANTA

              After ANNA EFFECT : Just Starting

              1) Gov put 1% TDS cut and Full Details to register by Seller if sell Property more than of 20L - 50L based upon city. Pressure can be seen already, Resale is becoming tough (actually very tough) in near RTM of N-Eway... still see lots of Ads of 3C LB & Paras-137 in NEWS PAPERS, Seller too many - Buyers not many. D-EWay GGN totally flopped now & investor not finding a way to exit.

              2) GPA / POA fully stopped in DELHI, one of the biggest shock for short terms Black Money Investors of NCR.

              In future will see more strong step if ANNA becomes more aggressive. If congress want to gain public confidence then congress has to follow Foot Prints of ANNA .... Make India Corruption / Black Money FREE.


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                Re : Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

                Agreed, not all IAS are bhookhey..most of them are from middle class only, but point is even if they are shareef, system is designed such that they can't do much, except stick to their moral you said, get transferred out.

                Though 99.99% ppl. caught in scams are IAS/PCS etc. only..but we don't see those folks calling out corruption in their system. ..or doing big rallies.. Instead, we hear news of honest IAS guys getting shot dead by some mafia or the other.

                And aam-junta doesn't know what is happening inside

                India ranks at bottom of list in terms of Transparency..look at our corporates, we have annual review, company is answerable to shareholder annually, but what about government? Too many non-answerable employees, non accountable, no performance goals..just filling out TA/DA forms..and India excels in IT..but look at IT systems in government..NONE.

                Jo ho gaya..soo ho can avg. citizen make those government to public contracts more transparent..? that's the question..and who keep track of our (taxpayers money.)
                I think govt. should scale back..and instead of pumping money into useless schemes, just give out subsidies which at least reach common person.

                I was soo pained to pay 5% stamp duty on my hard earned white money this time on purchase of 90lakh in Noida..all that money filling some stupid bureaucrat "tijori".


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                  Re : Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

                  Not doing corruption is not enough. An honest officer should expose or curb the corruption around and under him. Warna Manmohan Singh bhi aadmi the kamaal ke!


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                    Re : Anna ji ko bhoole to nahi?

                    Its doesn't make IAS/IPS honest if they are from middle class family. Even many politicians are from middle class family, so what?

                    If there are honest IAS/IPS, then there are honest politicians as well. But the fact is that babu class has failed miserably, just like political class. Infact, IAS/IPS are worse than politicians as they have lifetime job security, are arrogant and run a parallel govt. Atleast, politicians have to come back to people every 5 years.
                    'LIVE FOR INDIA'


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