The forthcoming elections in India are going to be critical for the nation.Wise voting by citizens unmoved by caste,bribes,freebies will ensure India gets the right Government.
The nation has been heading into economic downturn frequently-Balance of payment crisis in 1980s,1991 and now again.
The need for change in democratic manner by votes is clearly a requirement for our nation.The two main parties BJP and Congress have ruled India but Congress for the longest period and much of the good which has taken place and equally the bad also gets credited to them by sheer fact that they were in power.
Challenges to their political power have emerged first by Anna hazare who wanted Lokpal to reign in corruption,then smaller scale movements by Baba Ramdev against Black money stashed away.
Now a small but significant challenge on political front is emerging from AAP. This article from Indian Express is interesting as to how election campaign on ground is going on in Delhi.Extracts:Be it its volunteer corps, its autorickshaw ads, its door-to-door approach or its honesty pitch, AAP is taking baby steps to creating a political space for itself in Delhi. APURVA looks at the birth of a new 'party with a difference.
Read on the news;Inside the Aam Aadmi Party - Indian Express
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