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New Education Policy 2020


New Education Policy 2020

Last updated: July 31 2020
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  • New Education Policy 2020

    The new education policy 2020 has been declared. As a person from East India, who stays in Bangalore, I am NOT sure what the politcians will do as far as MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION in public/ private schools in Bangalore and similar tier-1, tier-2, tier-3 cities in India where lots of migrant coolies / labourers from different sectors including white collar sectors go from all places of India and stay for professional work.

    Here are two funny posts that i made in a light-hearted manner on some other thread BUT hope some of you will get my point. I am looking for views of forum members, especially from members who are non-local and stay in a metro city/ tier-1/ tier-2 cities of India. I am not looking for any debate etc, just looking for what people think about this (The issue of MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION is my concern and I am NOT concerned with any other part of policy)

    Funny Post 1:

    "I can suggest police reform and education reform Talking about education reform, now the kids in Bangalore MUST learn in the medium of instruction = either Kannada or Mother Tongue apparently I am expecting Modi ji to open schools in Bangalore with medium of instruction as Bengali, Oriya, Manipuri, Ahomiya, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu in Bangalore because the non-Kannadiga kids must learn Kannada as a language BUT must learn other subjects in their mother-tongue. Similar measures MUST be taken in all other big cities where people from all parts of India come ans stay "

    Funny Post 2:

    "Knowing palticians across partylines, I am well aware of their capabilities. Regarding the MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION what the current policy says (with disclaimers like "best efforts will be made", "Nothing will be imposed on anyone" etc) reminds me of what the left implemented in WB 40 years back. Yeah, i want the oriya kid and manipuri kid to learn all subjects in their respective mother tongues + English & Kannada as separate literature subjects in Bangalore (and in all other tier-1, tier-2, tier-3 cities) And as a citizen, if I want MEDIUM of INSTRUCTION as English for all subjects other than language literature subjects, then that must be respected too. Will that be respected? What's your view?"


    Please post your views on the policy and the related thoughts on "implementations". Thanks.
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