Spokes person of Maha Panchayat talking to Zee TV and representative of farmers on Zee TV program some Mr. Avana was supporting and thanking congress.
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  • Contradicting news report of Congress performance (same day->one is a fact & the other is paid news) !

    Ad Campaign for Congress , Ground campaign for Narendra Modi (Even the actor is not convinced of Bharat Nirman)

    Human evolution is still under process in Congress !

    Even Arvind Kejriwal' s team have picked up false propaganda from such dirty tricks of Congress

    Congress wants people to live with Rs.28 per day but spends Rs,7721 per its own Thali.(RTI reply from PMO)

  • Congress & its zero loss theory. JAAGO INDIA JAAGO!!!!

    Condition of Congress now...

    The fight against terror in India.

    media diversion away from Congress scams

    Congress & its dummies,communists & AAP all believe in freebies & not development & the result is this

  • Indian democracy will be killed by Congress,its dummies & Media nexus

    Obama & Biden's reaction when heard from Congress sycophants that Pappu is the next PM of India! -> ROFL

    Now even Congress is endorsing Modi on Facebook .

    Pappu Gyaan

    Reaction of PMOindia after Baru's Book got released.

  • How Congress is fooling about MNREGA scheme !

    Every time Digvijay Singh opened his mouth he has added 5 seats to BJP so far (assembly/LS)

    Digvijay Singh's contribution to MP as CM

    महिलाओं की फ़िक्र करने वाली कोंग्रेसी महिलाएँ तब कहा थी ?

    Congress Ka Secularism!Thts Y Guardian,Economist,NYtimes r wd it! Long live Missionaries!

  • Kejri babu, yeh kya hain? Even madam's SIL is an Adani agent? Let's do a press conference and Naxal AAP style dharna.

    This was Krishna Menon, CON PM Nehru's most trusted minister who lost 1962 war along with 1000+ jawans.→

    Why Congress won't act against Pakistan ? :Dr. Swamy

    Voters need to remember these News headlines of Congress led UPA

  • Congress cried foul when Ex-CBi director released his book on Bofors scandal

    Congress not only protected Dawood Ibrahim for 10 years but also issue tickets to his people http://

    D-links of rich 'n' famous exposed - The Times of India

    Inked finger, incentive for voting! Metro India cartoon.

    Killings of Innocent Indians under CONgress ! Make it Congmukt Bharat for violence free India

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  • 2009: Sonia's Affidavit

    No degree this time!

  • Indira's insecurities because of poor education...how she destroyed democratic institutions. Guess who learnt the Art

    Remember soldiers n UPA

    The book should be renamed as 'Bali ka Bakra Mand Mohan Singh"
    Sanjay Baru's Book The Accidental Prime Minister Explained in SImple Story

    Part - 3 : Women empowerment sponsored by Nehru

  • why RahulG afraid to go USA.. Arrest?

    This is Amazing ! Burnol official cream for Congress

    India illegally governed by Sonia Gandhi The new govt. should investigate & book if found guilty

    LOL ABPnewstv says Robert Vadra Chor hai ! Yes We Can Vote out Corrupt Dynasty next year

  • Is this still fiction? More proof show Sonia Gandhi was in command of UPA govt

    Congress talks of snooping because it is in the blood of dynasty !

    When Indira snooped on Maneka, Rajiv on the President - Rediff.com India News

    Not ‘Indira Feroze Gandhi’, Indira Feroze Khan

    Fooling Indians with a fake surname for years

    Indira Gandhi Kicked Out Her Son's Widow

    Think You've Got a Tough Mother-in-Law? Indira Gandhi Kicked Out Her Son's Widow : People.com

    Arun Jaitley asks Rahul about 'illicit' relationships of Congress leaders

    Arun Jaitley asks Rahul about

  • Gandhi brothers competed as middlemen for IAF deal: WikiLeaks :TOI

    Gandhi brothers competed as middlemen for IAF deal: WikiLeaks - The Times of India

    WikiLeaks: Congress party stung playing religious politics .MUST READ

    Congress leaked by WikiLeaks

    OMG! Salman Khurshid during a foreign trip as the External Affairs Minister

  • The Accidental Prime Minister !!

    So where's the fiction? Read more at:

    PMO hits back at Sanjaya Baru over his book on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh : North, News - India Today

    Get rid of incompetent ,non performing Congress led UPA >>

    Can we afford just another year of Scams like this under Rahul Gandhi or The Accidental Prime Minister ?

  • Mountbatten admits Nehru had 'affair' with his wife and this led 2 partition of India.

    i have no words for this man buut i vil say "The Nehru"

  • Excellent work yogeshraja.
    Keep up the good work.
    These should be real eye opener for many.:):)
    How about putting some facts on Dhiren Bramachari and Indra connection???o:o